Advent Calendar of Hotness Day 15: Derrick Rose


Alright. I have a crush. I haven’t really been a big NBA fan, but after attending my very first game on December 7th at the shiny new Barclay’s Center to see the Golden State Warriors take the Brooklyn Nets down, I’ve decided that I both enjoy basketball and should pay closer attention. And after researching what basketball players are great AND hot, I discovered that I apparently have just a huge stupid little kid crush on Derrick Rose. I can’t be alone here.

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Hanukkah Hunks: Night 1


Happy Hanukkah to my fellow Heebs! As sundown approaches this evening, I’m happy to continue the Ladies… tradition of recognizing excellence in the world of Jewish athleticism and kick it off right with one of our old favorites – I’m sure the masses will approve…

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Advent Calendar of Hotness 2011: Day 3

OK, y’all. I try not to be too much of a homer for ACoH, but surely I am allowed one Cardinal — especially this year.  So, I hereby appoint as Day 3 ACoH your 2011 World Series MVP, David Freese.

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Five treats you won’t find covered in chocolate tonight*

* in some cases, we wish.

1) Your World Series MVP David Freese

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox ExtensionLadies, we have a new favourite on the blog to swoon over, and it’s this guy – yes, GM, we’ll wrestle you for him. David Freese also won the NLCS MVP, hit .397 in the postseason, broke a bunch of records, and came through in the clutch. But it’s his humble nature that teammates like Pujols and gals like us love.

But wait, there’s more in our treat bags…

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Ladies and Gentlemen…

…Roy Halladay. Do I even need to say anything else?




For real, I kind of think my husband would be okay if I left him for Roy. Actually, I kind of think he might leave me for Roy. I’m not sure I blame him.

Phillies win, so we can Hot Stove now

As Tim Dierkes pointed out, the World Series ending means offseason moves are now beginning. Starting next week, I’ll feature a few trades/rumors that involve MLB hotties. (Well, here’s one for you, nice and early.)

But for now…Phillies covered in champagne!

Carlos Ruiz awwww

Carlos Ruiz awwww

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Racing makes me sad. Basketball makes me happy!

I love horses, so stinking pretty.

So I spent yesterday reading my first non-school related book in over a month, and preparing to watch racing of all sorts. First up, Kentucky Derby. A three frickin’ hour telecast for a 2 minute race. Ohhh NBC, way to milk that for every advertising penny. Big Brown, the favorite, won by 5 horse lengths. Coming in second was the only filly in the group, Eight Belles. A filly hadn’t been entered in the Kentucky Derby for something like 9 years. After a strong second place finish, Eight Belles collapsed on the cool-down lap after breaking BOTH her front ankles. Apparently this injury was too much for any horse to come back from (giant body, spindly legs) and she was immediately euthanized on the track. Ugh. This was basically the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. The trainer and jockey were in tears. This poor horse was in so much pain they had to put her down IMMEDIATELY. They couldn’t even take her to a vet hospital. Way to start my sports watching on a sad note.

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NBA MVP Race Run-Down

Mistress Christina here. So this is my first, of which I am sure will be many, basketball-centric post. Be kind.

NBA MVP race. Four consensus candidates. All viable. How to choose? Now I know this has been discussed (ad nauseum in some cases) but I feel that most traditional sports writers have failed to judge the MVP candidates on one all important factor: HOTNESS. I mean really. If I’m going to give out my vote for MVP, it’s not going to a troll! So lets get this party started.

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Stuff your ballot box early and often

Since the first returns are in on the 2007 MLB All-Star Game voting, we thought we’d take a look at how well some of our hotties are doing in the balloting, and who could use a bit of the Ladies’ help.

Furrow that B&T brow, D-Wright.

Metschick’s boys are leading the races at shortstop, third base, catcher and in the outfield in the NL voting. Jose Reyes has a commanding lead at shortstop over J.J. Hardy. At third, pretty boy David Wright has more than 100,000 more votes than his closest competition, Larry Wayne Jones Jr. (I refuse to call him Chipper. Chipper was cute when you were 12, but now you’re a grown up, LARRY.) Scotty Ro-Ro needs to pick up the pace if he wants to make it to San Fransisco this July — he’s languishing in fourth.

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Sun Belt Conference Hangover

So I was able to tune in for the second half of the Sun Belt finals. It was….kinda boring, to tell you the truth. The announcers were pretty funny though. They kept stressing that the winner of the game should definitely NOT be in the play-in game. They should get to join the field of 64 just like all the other Big Boy Teams. At the end of the first half, North Texas led Arkansas State by 1 point. I predicted that Arkansas State would win in this tourney. They’re on a 6-game winning streak and one of their stars, Adrian Banks, broke the ASU single-season scoring record this year as a freshman!

However, I shall keep you in suspense no longer: North Texas pulled out the win. According to our funny announcers, this was “a celebration 19 years in the making.” Yeah, it’s always good to see those 19-year plans come to fruition. I wonder if, when they were busy pooping and breast feeding and being fetuses, the North Texas players had any idea what the Basketball Gods had cooked up for them. Also, my celebration 19 years in the making will be when I win the bronze medal in the Luge at the age of 44 in the Ireland 2026 Winter Olympics. Continue reading

Big South Conference Hangover

Fuck you VMI. You almost had us going there, beating third-seed Liberty by 1, and then beating the second seed High Point by 10. And giving Winthrop a game down to the last nine seconds. And having us all believe you could be one of those tournament teams that came out of nowhere. But in the end your pathetic defense did you in. Winthrop beat VMI 84-81, going to the big dance for the seventh time in nine years and for the third straight year. The Eagles were lead by Torrell Martin, who scored 17 points. VMI was lead by Travis Holmes, who scored 29 points; that led all players on the floor. He made 6 out of 9 threes in the game. The Big South tournament team-Craig Bradshaw (MVP) (Winthrop), Michael Jenkins (Winthrop), Travis Holmes (VMI), Reggie Williams (VMI), K.J. Garland (UNC Asheville), and Eugene Harris (High Point). Continue reading

OVC Tournament Hangover

Great last few minutes of the final game. Boring conference tourny. The Ohio Valley Conference Tournament pretty much went chalk, the only mild upset being fifth-seed Samford beating four-seed Murray State. Even the game last night, Austin Peay and Eastern Kentucky, featured the top two seeds in the conference. And it was dull, as Austin Peay couldn’t buy a basket for 10 minutes in the second half which lead to Eastern Kentucky taking over the game. AP did, however, get back into the game with a little less than three minutes left, taking the lead. But Josh Taylor hit the game-winning layup with 2.9 seconds left to put Eastern Kentucky up 63-62. The Colonels are going to their seventh NCAA Tournament and the OVC title was their fifth overall. They last won in 2005. Continue reading