2010 Masters: Now With More Hotness

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First and foremost, congrats to Phil Mickelson on his 3rd Masters win!!

Not to take away from that or anything, but as we watched the last few moments of the tournament, I couldn’t help but think: what’s a bored girl to do if she’s stuck watching golf? Yes, that competitive spirit can sink in just for a moment in the end, but otherwise it’s usually thought of as a great nap inducer (what with the lack of action and hushed voices and all). Usually GOLF and HOTNESS are not synonymous or even found in the same sentence. But as I shallowly searched through the photos of all Masters contestants, I was pleasantly surprised, and felt that many of these faces deserve my fellow golf loathers’ attention.

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Theme Thursday: What do these guys have in common?

It’s Thursday and everyone’s getting antsy waiting for the weekend, so let’s play a little game.  A game involving pictures of hotties — that will make the day go faster, right?  Anyway, below you will find pictures of three different, well-known (both in the wider sports world and on this site) male athletes.  Can you guess what they have in common?  First person to get it right gets … bragging rights.  (Sometimes that’s all you need.  Just ask my brothers, who I totally beat in our NCAA tourney pool this year.)

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Best Sporting Dates

I went to my best friend’s wedding this weekend.  During the 8-hour drive back, I started thinking about what were some of the Best Sporting Timeframes.  With no further ado, here are my choices.  Feel free to argue with me in the comments.

Yay Giants!

Yay Giants!

Best Sporting Day
1.  The Super Bowl. You get together with your friends, eat good food, drink a lot, gamble on the game and laugh at the commercials.  The game is secondary.  And every once in awhile you get a year like this past one where the game lives up to the hype.  Awesome.

2.  Opening Day. Baseball begins.  The smell of spring, the crack of the bat, the sun shining on a beautiful April day.  Perfection.

3. January 1st. Hangover from the night before, wall-to-wall college football, in games that usually feature good teams, and generally good food and more alcohol when you’re recovered (or maybe you’re lucky enough to wake up drunk).

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Rocco Mediate Is #1 In My Book!

I love to watch golf. I even like to golf. I wanted to write about the winner of yesterday’s round at Torrey Pines. I wanted it even more when the U.S. Open outcome came down to sudden death. Until Tiger Woods won. I could tell you all about him, how he’s won 13 majors (now 14) when leading going into the final round Sunday … how he’s recovering from his knee surgery … how he did it for his dad and his baby girl. But what can I say about Tiger Woods that you don’t already know? Read on to learn something new about Rocco Mediate.

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Things I Love

1. Fishing on Father’s Day with my dad in our pond and then having a fish fry for dinner. Mmmmm.

2. Tiger Woods. He had a RIDICULOUS two days at the U.S. Open. Saturday he had an amazing birdie and two amazing eagles to take the lead, then Sunday, after getting off to a rough start, he had a long putt on 18 to force an 18-hole playoff tomorrow. He sunk it, but he didn’t just sink it. It lipped around in the cup and fell. It was so dramatic.

If he hadn’t made that putt, a man named Rocco Mediate, who has never won an Major tournament, would’ve won the Open. And yet… still rooting for Tiger. He’s the Patriots/Yankees (before)/Red Sox (now)/Lakers and/or Celtics of golf. But everybody still wants him to win! It’s ridiculous.

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Sports Hotties To Watch

With the weather getting nicer, I have started thinking about summer sports. Being from Minnesota, where everyone bundles up for half the year, I have also started to think about guys looking hot in the warmer temperatures. So I thought to myself, why not take a look at some college golfers? As luck would have it, one of the Verizon Showcase players of the week is Michael Thompson. As you can see, he’s one to watch.


Besides the obvious beautiful eyes, there is more to his story. I’ll explain, after the jump.

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Easy Like Sunday Morning

Technically it’s still morning, so here we go. First off, Notre Dame got totally hosed in hockey last night. There was a goal that made it 3-2 Boston College, which puts quite a different landscape on the last 15 minutes, but the goal was called back and BC scored right away to make it 4-1. Maybe next year, ND.

In The Masters, Tiger is 6 shots off the lead at -5. The top two guys are cuties Trevor Immelman and Brandt Snedeker. I think Snedeker looks like a My Buddy doll. Tune in at 2 pm on CBS (their “coverage” not starting til 3:30 yesterday and 2:00 today is just total crap) to see who wins!

Hit & Run

I’m hopped up on Ny-Quil, and slightly delirious after the Mets’ sweep of the Braves, so bear with me.

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The Mets division lead is back up to 5 games, thanks to said weekend sweep of the Braves, and yesterday’s 10-4 win over the Reds. Well, I guess I also have to thank the Marlins for taking 2 of 3 from the Phillies, and the Braves for beating the Phillies today (whew!). Pedro pitched 5 good innings, giving up 3 runs, 2 of them earned. The Mets’ offense woke up: Moises Alou, David Wright and Carlos Delgado all homered for the Mets. Let’s see if the bats can stay awake during this final stretch run. Continue reading

Hit & Run: Philly Phun

Today’s H&R is gonna be quick and dirty, coming at ya all GordonShumway style from the Philadelphia airport. I have precisely 20 minutes to put together some hottie tidbits- so my selections today are coming straight off the top of my head. After six days of baseball games, my attention span is running short anyway- so play along while I randomly skip around the sporting world.

* First off, have to give some love to dirty sexy hottie Aaron “Bacon Pants” Rowand for putting on a show against the Braves over the weekend- including a spectacular home run and an even more spectacularly crazy catch in the outfield that saved our bacon (ahem) and helped clear the way (along with a giant 3-run homer by cutie Ryan Howard) for the Phillies’ 5-3 victory over Atlanta. All despite some horrific baserunning by Pat “Slowcamotive” Burrell.

2nd place in the NL East means we’re coming for you, Mets!

* And then there’s golf hottie Sergio “Make It Rain… With Spit” Garcia, who found yet another new and exciting way to lose a major when he signed an incorrect scorecard on Saturday, DQing him from the PGA Championship. Never trust a guy named “Boo”, Sergio- it’s doubtful he’s functionally literate, much less able to keep up with scoring a tourney properly.

Fortunately, hottie Tiger “Make It Rain… With Birdies” Woods stepped right in to claim the victory.

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Friday Hit & Run:Whatcha Whatcha Whatcha Want

There are eleven McDonald’s within a ten mile radius of my apartment, all of which have identical hours. They all open at 5 a.m. and close at 2 a.m. which means that every day, I have twenty-one hours and almost a dozen options for getting a Big Mac (and perhaps some Apple Dippers). This also means that the only time I ever want a Big Mac is approximately 3:28 a.m. For my entire life, I’ve noticed that I only ever really want the things that I can’t have, which explains why I’ve always developed irrational crushes on married celebrities (Good morning, Hugh Laurie!), why I blow out the candles on each birthday cake while silently wishing I would grow a tail (for myriad reasons, all to be explained upon request), and why every time I lose a 10-K (which is every time I run a 10-K), I long to be a born-again Kenyan.

Today’s Hit and Run is filled with athletes who all want stuff that they aren’t going to get either, and you readers probably all want transitions that aren’t quite as lazy as that one.

StormTake, for example, the round one leader of the PGA Tournament, Graeme Storm, he of the most spell-checked name in the field (although phonetically, it’s pretty sweet and by “pretty sweet”, I mean “sounds like he may have starred in Orgy Party 6“). He’d just like to get through the rest of the weekend without soiling his pants, being mistaken for a Harry Potter character, or have every mention of his name followed by the word “Who?” I’d like to see Greaeaeameae to at least make the cut…he could probably use his winnings to buy an extra consonant or two. Continue reading

Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

The Hotties of the Colorado Rockies completed a 3-game sweep of the NL Central-leading Brewers yesterday afternoon with a 19-4 routing. That’s practically a football score! (In fact, one year the Iowa/PSU game was 6-4, so I think this one counts as a football score). 3B Garrett Atkins and SS Troy Tulowitzki had 4 hits apiece and drove in 9 of the team’s 19 runs. Plus, they are both really cute. Tap the Rockies, indeed. [The Cubs and Cardinals (Who Are Not Out of It Yet, Thankyouverymuch) Would like to Thank the Colorado Rockies and Their Brooms]

Garrett Atkins
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Hit & Run: Welcome Back and See Ya Later

WELCOME BACK: Jon Lester. The Red Sox cutie pitcher is making his first major league start tonight in Cleveland since being diagnosed with cancer last year. The last time he pitched was almost a year ago (August of ’06), in the midst of a rookie season that saw him go 5-0 in his first 5 decisions. He was diagnosed with a form of lymphoma last August at just 22 years old, underwent chemo, and was cleared as cancer-free in December. He’s battled back, rehabbed in the minors, and is ready and rarin’ to go. (and see ya later to Andrea’s “hottie” Julian Tavarez, who heads back to the bullpen).

SEE YA LATER: Sergio Garcia. Even though ultra-hottie Sergio sat atop the Leaderboard of the British Open all three days leading into Sunday’s final round, Irish hottie Padraig Harrington came from behind and pushed Sergio into a four-hole playoff… from which Padraig emerged victorious. In the battle of the sexy accents, Ireland wins this round.

I have to say that I find it cute that Sergio pleads to the golf gods in English, not Spanish- as you could hear him say “please, please, please, my god, please” at one point. Guess the golf gods weren’t swayed – though I don’t think I could have resisted.

The plaque for the alternates is in the Ladies… room

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Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

Following in the footsteps of Hotties Michael Jordan, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, NBA Hottie Lebron James has been announced as the host for the season premiere of Saturday Night Live in September.  It is possible he parlayed his recent stint on the ESPYs into a gig hosting SNL when he parodied Bobby Brown by singing “My Lebrongative.”  Hmmmm.  Well considering the current state of SNL, Lebron should fit right in.  Kidding!  I think Manning had a very funny episode and Lebron could definitely produce something awesome as well.  [Please Let Him Host Weekend Update]

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Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

MLB Hotties the Colorado Rockies have done something that no baseball team has managed to do since 1956: they swept two New York clubs in the same season. The Rockies swept the Yankees a couple weeks ago and then last night took the Mets out behind the woodshed to the tune of 17-7 to complete the sweep. The last time a team did this was when the ’56 Milwaukee Braves swept both the New York Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers in the same season. Tap the Rockies, indeed. The Ladies salute you. [Boys in Purple Pinstripes Top Gangs of New York]

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Hottie Guide: U.S. Open 2007 (I Was There…)

Beyond this entrance gate, much hotness can be found…

I’ve got your viewer’s guide to all the hotties playing the links this weekend at the U.S. Open at Oakmont outside lovely and scenic (really!) Pittsburgh, PA. And thank you USGA and Oakmont for letting spectators take cameras onto the course, at least for the practice rounds, because I’ve also got pictures.

Can those cute dimples carry Zach to an Open victory?

Take a gander at all the guys to watch for after the jump…

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Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

This headline was just too good to resist: Case of Beer Gets the Best of Parnevik’s Toe. It was about how pro golfer Jesper Parnevik went running into the cabin of his boat and jammed his toe on a case of beer. Seriously. That’s the whole story. It made me laugh too hard to pass up for the Hottie Hit n Run, so Jesper Parnevik, the Ladies salute you. We all like beer. It could have happened to anyone. [I Ran into a Case of Beer Once. It was called Case Races]

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Hit and Run: Friday Edition

Bad Maverick
Do you see that? Danny Tanner is laughing at you.

From Oakland to Sacktown, the Bay Area and back down, Cali is where they put they Mavs down. The eighth seeded Golden State Warriors beat the shit out of the Dallas Mavericks last night, 111-86, and won the series in six games. Let’s all just agree that I didn’t paraphrase 2pac, k?

Don't call me mighty
Ryan, did you really quack at the principal?

The Anaheim Ducks moved on to the Western Conference finals by beating the Vancouver Canucks 2-1 in double overtime. Ducks, Canucks…there’s a dirty limerick in there somewhere. Former coach Gordon Bombay could not be reached for comment. Continue reading

Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

In an attempt to garner some of the Barbaro nuts’ affections, which are severely lacking around here, I’m leading off the Hit n Run today with Curlin (isn’t he a beauty? /Steve Irwin). Fair Curlin is a horse who may end up being the first colt in the history of watching little men spur equines around in a circle while drinking and wearing big floppy hats (the watchers, not the little men) to win the Kentucky Derby without having raced as a 2 year-old. I don’t really know what that means but break a leg, Curlin! [Move yer bloomin’ arse!]

Yesterday, golf hottie Tiger Woods and basketball hottie Michael Jordan paired up at a Pro-Am in Charlotte, North Carolina. I personally love both of these athletes a lot because I think they seem fun (I know, I know, Tiger Woods, snoozefest, whatever, it’s MY ARTICLE) and based on the stories I read, it sounds like they had fun all day at the tournament. There were mock stare-downs, kicking golf balls off of tees, coughing during backswings, etc. Again, I know you’re all thinking, “Wow, golfers sure can party, Andrea.” But I think it sounds like a fun time. [So much money on one pro-am team]

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Masters – Hottie Skins Update

We started with eight hotties teeing off at the Masters on Tuesday, and after 2 rounds, only three of our hotties (Luke Donald, Adam Scott and Tiger Woods) remain following the cut. Fortunately for the rest of us, we’re scoring our hotties on a skins-style basis, so every hottie still has a chance to win our Masters. Chris DiMarco leads with 3 skins; Ernie Els, Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods each currently hold 1 skin, and the remaining skins are all ties. But that can all change, because Luke, Adam and Tiger still have 2 rounds to snatch some (or all) of those skins away.

Scruff brothers Adam (working it out, Bangles-style) and Sergio

Now let’s get to the shallow stuff: what our hotties have looked like at Augusta. That’s really what’s important. And our hotties have come through in a big way…

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The Masters – Hottie Skins Style

With all the hotties on the PGA Tour, there was no way we were going to let the Masters slip by unnoticed. But we’re not going to bring you dry leaderboard recitations, or boring capsule summaries- which would put you to sleep faster than listening to Jim Nantz talk in hushed tones on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Instead we’re doing the Masters… hottie skins style.

Each of the Ladies… picked one hottie golfer to back in the tournament. We’re pitting our hotties against each other on the course, but instead of just giving the highest finishing hottie the win, we thought- let’s make it more interesting. Why go the simple route? So we’ll be scoring our PGA hotties in a modified skins-style format. Each hole equals one skin- and the hottie who shoots the best score on a hole (over the course of the whole tournament) will win that hole, and that skin. So it’s to each hottie’s advantage to make the cut, because that means he’ll get more shots at a better score on each hole. In the event of a tie, we will use any arbitrary means at our disposal to break the tie. Them’s the breaks.

Some Ladies… selected based on looks alone, some based on a little sentiment, some based on skills, some based on spitting accuracy. But combined, we’ve put together the hottest Leaderboard around.

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I’m a 2 Handicap, But I’d Still Give Him Strokes

So by now you’ve read this site—quite possibly every day, because we are awesome—and have noticed that it exists to celebrate not only sports, but also the delicious packages of ManCandy that play said sports. Right before we launched the site, all of the writers suggested hott-with-two-t’s athletes for the banner so our site radiated more heat than a defective electric blanket. All of the writers but me…

See, my long-standing athlete crush is a bit odd. Maybe it’s because he’s been alive longer than Alaska’s been a state. Or maybe because he plays a sport that some of you would consider to be a hobby, like cross-stitching, double-dutch, or setting small fires. But I think he’s hot and at least 2 of his 3 former wives would agree with me.

Allow me to preface this post with the confession that, well, I like old guys. Not creepy ‘is that an erection or is it rigor mortis’ old, but old enough to remember when a sport was a sport, when groovin’ was groovin’, when dancing was everything, and Ted Kennedy’s head wasn’t large enough to control the tides. Continue reading