Sport in America has been the province of men for generations.There’s no shortage of strong, capable women bucking that trend, however, so we’re out to conquer a side market: leering.

Yes, we’re playing the field (literally), and we don’t kiss nice. We are the Ladies…with one eye on the scoreboard, and the other on your sweet ass.

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  1. I just started this new blog(http://thesportsdad.blogspot.com/) and was wondering if you could possibly add me as a link on your site. I honestly like what you ladies are writing about and I’m looking to be listed on blogs that don’t suck and are sports related. This isn’t the first blog that I have run, but it’s the first sports blog and I would really appreciate your help. Let me know.


    The Sports Dad

  2. I wonder why we don’t have this kind of blogs in Europe ;) I’m from Belgium, but I have yet to see the first European blog written by women, “with one eye on the scoreboard, and the other on your sweet ass”. Go for it girls!

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  4. I just discovered your blog while looking for pictures of Barry Zito funnily enough, and I gotta say, this blog is like the epitome of everything sports that I could ever hope for. I have seen the holy land …and damn it’s good looking.

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  6. Hey, I am trying to reach you to no avail so this is my last choice to message you here. I am wondering if you are still writing and willing to be a contributor to one of our blogs? If so, kindly get back with me, the niche is travel because the website Mosafer.com mean traveller in “Arabic language”.

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