Advent Calendar of Hotness Day 15: Derrick Rose


Alright. I have a crush. I haven’t really been a big NBA fan, but after attending my very first game on December 7th at the shiny new Barclay’s Center to see the Golden State Warriors take the Brooklyn Nets down, I’ve decided that I both enjoy basketball and should pay closer attention. And after researching what basketball players are great AND hot, I discovered that I apparently have just a huge stupid little kid crush on Derrick Rose. I can’t be alone here.


Derrick%25252BRose%25252BSacramento%25252BKings%25252Bv%25252BChicago%25252BBulls%25252BvowyOXt9Bydl tumblr_m4o4ckdu691r8h6rlo1_500 derrick-rose Derrick-Rose2 9_19_2012_Derrick_Rose-4_3_r560 derrick-rose-gq-photoshoot-3-624x431 derrickrose3 usp-nba_-chicago-bulls-media-day-3_4_r560 tumblr_mbhm0hyhhu1rwq7s3o1_500 Wizards v/s Bulls 02/28/11 10373227-large Rose tumblr_lfctdkOK7c1qck74f
Like I wouldn’t include tooshie…


Come on. NBA MVP, youngest ever too. And that smile is the cutest. Yup, crushing hard. Plus, watch out Eastern – he’s coming back soooooooon….

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