Advent Calendar of Hotness 2011: Day 3

OK, y’all. I try not to be too much of a homer for ACoH, but surely I am allowed one Cardinal — especially this year.  So, I hereby appoint as Day 3 ACoH your 2011 World Series MVP, David Freese.

I’d also like to point out that I was on the Freese-is-cute bandwagon way back at the beginning of his pro career.  However, since it’s just recently that he’s been getting attention, it’s a bit difficult to track down good photos, so we’ll have to make do with these:


Yes, this is Game 6. No, much like the Albert-destroys-Lidge photo I will NEVER get tired of this picture.

After the infamous shirt ripping incident.

David, as is a World Series MVP’s wont, has been making the publicity rounds for the last month, including this appearance at the CMAs, where he looks pretty good for someone who apparently had to make an emergency shopping trip with Erin Andrews just to have a suitable outfit.

The best David Freese photos however, are in an issue of Alive (a St. Louis lifestyle magazine) from this past summer.  Since I couldn’t extract the photos individually, you can view the digital issue here. The cover’s nice, but I highly recommend you flip through to the feature story on p. 55. The boy cleans up nice.


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