Your 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins

Pens win 2

Good morning! Still a little groggy from staying up to watch the festvities last night (WHAT! I have kids and do well enough to stay up past 10!) The Pens won the right to hoist the Cup with a 2-1 Game 7 victory over the Detroit Red Wings. Your Game 7 hero is…Maxime Talbot?!!

Maxime Talbot
Now that’s a playoff beard!

Talbot scored both goals last night. Jonathan Ericsson had the lone goal for the Wings. Malkin, who netted an assist, is your Conn Smythe winner. Crosby? Held off the score sheet and held to just ten minutes of time on the ice due to a knee injury after taking a hard hit along the boards from Johan Franzen. Yikes! Fortunately, his team had no problem doing the heavy lifting in his absence.

Here’s the happiest family from Nova Scotia this morning.



passing the torch

osgood and fleury

sid and cup

wings lose

This is a bit heartbreaking.

osgood's sad locker

pitt fans

Congratulations, Pens fans!

8 thoughts on “Your 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins

  1. Proving what I’ve long maintained – Sid is gorgeous when he smiles!

    I would love to say I handled the win with grace, so as far as you know I celebrated with quiet respectful dignity (read: swore like a champ and danced with no pants on)

    And now the best part: beard scraping!!!

  2. Congrats Penguins – awesome game! Mario could teach Sid something about beards – looking hotter than ever Mario!!!!

  3. How is it possible (or fair) that Mario Lemieux is even hotter than he was 10 years ago? And not just a little hotter. WAY hotter.

    I love Sidney. And I love pictures of unadulterated joy. Way to go Pens.

  4. I was never the biggest fan of Mario. although I appreciated him more in the latter part of his career. But seeing him pass that Cup to Sid last night? Goosebumps!

    And clearly, Mario is the HOTTEST owner in the NHL.

  5. SQEEEEE!!!! I love the feeling when my favorite team wins a championship! (esp. since I feel it so rarely) And good God, Mario is like a fine wine, he just gets better w/age-and he looks damn good in suit.

    I just hope Sid’s knee will be fine for next year. I heard the commentators say something about it looking like an MCL & I really hope they’re wrong.

  6. Max’s beard took over his face. I’m so happy for The Pens.
    I was worried over Sidney’s knee. It had to of hurt if he didn’t come back (one shift is all).

  7. Kudos to the Pens. They might want to start a weight training program over the summer; judging by how much trouble they had lifting the Cup, it would do them good.

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