Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 19

Green Bay Packers

Not to be confused with Matt Damon or this band‘s drummer is Sunday night’s starter for the Green Bay Packers against the vaunted Pats, Matt Flynn.

Green Bay Packers

Matt Flynn, not Liz Lemon's boyfriend!

Flynn gets his first start of the season – oh wait, EVER for the Pack – tonight for Aaron Rodgers as he recovers from a concussion. Of course, you may know Matt best as the MVP of the 2008 BCS Championship when he was with the LSU Tigers.

Lord knows the Texas native has his work cut out for him tonight against Dreamboat, but that 66 yard pass to James Jones in the 2nd was awfully nice. Flynn for the Win!

Green Bay Packers

LSU Days

Green Bay Packers

(Photo: Getty Images)

Green Bay Packers

Matt, I can see you multitasking.

Green Bay Packers

Now do you get the Damon comparison?


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