Were Baaaacckkkk!

Today is the second day in March. February, the most dreaded of all months (sportswise) has officially ended. And while Spring is on the horizon, the weather in the Northeast (and even in the South) refuses to cooperate and has mean-spiritedly dumped inches of snow all over the place.  However, we here at the Ladies… have piled on our parkas and snowboots and will trudge through the slush to give you what you have all been missing: US!

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Rafa is the best. Can we stop this debate now?

Rafael Nadal won the Australian Open! Effectively kicking Roger Federer’s ass (mind you it took 5 sets), and even making him cry. (Srsly, Federer seemed broken-hearted over the loss.) Roger is still on the quest to beat Pete Sampras’ record of 14 individual Grand Slam titles. He was going to do it too. Easily. And then 4 short years ago, this kid shows up on the scene. Rafael Nadal has a ridiculous 13-6 record against Federer, better than anyone else in the world. They have played against each other in 7 Grand Slam finals, which Rafa winning 5 of them. Roger, who was almost unbeatable in his prime, looks distinctly human playing against Nadal. Welcome to the Age of Rafa, my friends. Pete Sampras’ record might just be safe (from Roger that is) after all.

Yeah hes making a weird face, but look at that arm!

Yeah he's making a weird face, but look at that arm!

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Australian Open Hotties

I watch tennis 4 times a year. Wimbledon, US Open, French Open, Australian Open. Well, it’s Australian Open time and the tennis hotties are out in force.  This is a photo-post as it has snowed here in Chapel Hill and (thank the sweet baby Jesus) North Carolinians don’t know how to drive in the snow, classes are cancelled, and I’m going to go play! Enjoy :)

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Hit and Run: Basketball breaks my heart, so I find solace in football…

I know how you feel, Roy. I know how you feel...

This has been a rough week for me as a sports fan. I have found myself in the odd position of having to defend my team, not only to others but to myself. I bitched all pre-season about how much I hated all the rankings. Too many expectations only means you crash harder when you inevitably slip from that lofty perch. I knew my team wouldn’t go undefeated; we didn’t last year and we are essentially the same team. But there is still nothing harder than watching the boys you love lose, and then LOSE AGAIN!!! (And then to watch that first team who beat you go on and lose to HARVARD. Harvard. I didn’t even know the Ivy’s had basketball!) There is also nothing worse than to kinda hate some of the members of your team. What was that Wayne Ellington? You thought you could go pro? How ’bout you jack up not one, not two, but THREE airballs?? That’s what they do in the pros, right? Or perhaps Ty Lawson. So called best point guard in all the land. Maybe you should have more points that turnovers in the first half. Sometimes that helps. Or maybe you should have atleast some ability to guard your man.  Is keeping him from scoring 30+ points unreasonable? Is that too much to ask? Thank the sweet baby Jesus for Danny Green. And Tyler Hansbrough’s first half effort. Ugh. I haven’t even watched Sportscenter this week because I can’t bear to hear all the shit they are saying. It makes me kind of sick.

I’m sure there are people revelling in my despair.

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Hot Athlete Hotness Update

We love him. In fact he is the Ladies… Number 1 hottie. And, if this is even possible, Ryan Lochte is getting hotter after his Olympic glory. While The Phelps is at his peak levels of attractiveness while dripping wet, in or around the pool, and in various states of undress, Mr. Lochte has carved out his niche as an all around and all the time hottie. In fact, he’s taken up modeling in order to spread his hotness to a larger audience.  Please enjoy some of his newest shots… courtesy of ONTD.

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The Injury Report

There is nothing worse for an athlete, a team, or a sports fan than injuries. They can cripple the player, ruin the team’s season, and crush a fan’s fantasy team dreams. Sometimes the team can come back from the loss of a key player and still put together a great season. A back-up can finally move off the bench and into the limelight and show the world, “hey, I don’t suck after all!”.  Then again, sometimes it forces your star player to wear ridiculous face-gear during the ACC Tournament. No matter how good the player or team is, injury is the one thing you can never plan for. You’ve just got to hope that they’ll heal quickly or that the team can survive without them. So here is a rundown of some of the players currently riding the pine-pony while nursing a variety of owies. Get well soon boys!

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Good News!

Shes on her way! We are excited!

Mistress Christina is on her way! We are excited!

So the crappy economy has really hit home for the first time in my life.  I’ve always been a blissfully unaware student, wrapped in a cocoon of student loans and my parents money. But now, when I am finally at the stage where I need to find a job and start my career, the job market is majorly sucko.  So after a semsester of interviews ending in polite (or not so polite) rejection letters and career services giving us depressingly cheerful “umm something will work out” talks something FINALLY went right. I got accepted to an LLM program at the University of Manchester!

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It’s Preseason Poll Time!!

This has nothing to do with my post, but hot damn, hes pretty!

This has nothing to do with my post, but hot damn, he's pretty!

It’s that time of year again, when pollsters and coaches and media members throw logic to the wind and vote for which teams they think are going to succeed in the upcoming college basketball season – without a single game even being played! For the most part I don’t have any problem with in-season polls. They are fun, they make for lively debate, they don’t really MEAN anything. But the ones that I can’t stand are these preseason ones. Even with my team perched (unanimously in the APs case) atop them both, I still can’t believe who is retarded enough to vote some of these teams as high as they are. So let’s break down these lists shall we? With what I think are the good, bad, and the MOTHEROFGOD DICK VITALE YOU CANNOT VOTE 700 TIMES!

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1000th Post Countdown: Personal Number ONE!

It's a pinata, because it's a celebration of hotness. Go ahead, take a whack (or something less suggestive!)

Here they are. Each Ladies… number 1 personal pick. Tomorrow will be our group overall, but these gentlemen are tops in each of our individual books. They are beautiful. They are sentimental. They are MEN. And we love them. We hope you do too!

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1000th Post Countdown: Numero Trois

Welcome to door number three. I promise youll be happy you opened it.

Welcome to door number three. I promise you'll be happy you opened it.

Wow, so many days of hotties! The best part about all this, other than sharing my fave men with the world, is getting to see what my fellow Ladies… are into. I must admit, I’ve been introduced to quite a few cuties I didn’t know before! So here are the Ladies… picks for their number 3 perfect 10. Please enjoy!

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Hottie Hit & Run: Hot men are evidence that God exists…

O Hai there Ryan Lochte and Jay-Z. Is it some sort of rule that Olympic medalists have to carry those things around for the entire year after the games are over? That would get annoying. I mean they don’t really go with anything… On the plus side, I was super-afraid Lochte was going to fade into obscurity after the Olympics whilest The Phelps took over the stinking world. But no. He’s staying out in the limelight, looking hot, and quite dapper I might add. So keep it up Ryan, I love the suit. Although I prefer the Speedo, I’m okay with Armani as well.

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Girl on Girl Hate: Sometimes, it just feels so good!

We here at Ladies are obviously 10 pillars of feminist virtue. We would never engage in activities unbefitting successful, classy, intelligent, and hilarious women. Well, maybe those other nine wouldn’t… I on the other hand am quite guilty of one of the cardinal sins of womanhood: Girl Bashing. I really enjoy talking some shit about other women. Mostly women I don’t know. Why? I couldn’t tell you (I’m sure there are subtexts of low self-esteem, daddy issues, and borderline personality disorder bubbling below the surface). But honestly, sometimes it just feels good. Especially when it comes to the significant others of my favorite athletes. It’s really more like pointing out the pink elephant in the room. WHY IS HE WITH HER? She is (blank). Fill in the adjective that best fits. Now I don’t know these women. Perhaps they are lovely and awesome and in real life we would be BFFs. But for now, I want to talk some serious trash!

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Sad News Indeed

Kenny George, the tallest man in NCAA college hoops (standing at a ridiculous 7 ft 7) is not going to be playing for UNC Asheville next season due to a foot injury. He had to have multiple surgeries on his foot due to an infection and is still under the care of a doctor.  I would imagine that being that tall affects your circulation and also the ability to fight infections in the extremities.

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The Tailgate, with Mistress Christina

I am torn about this whole food post thing. One, I rarely use my oven or stove because I live by myself, and I don’t really know any recipes that are for one person only. I hate to have tons of left-overs because I feel compelled to eat them. However, I love to cook. Like a lot. Like if this law school things fails I will probably ship myself off to culinary school in France. But, again on the con side, I don’t like to share my recipes. I just like to make awesome food, have people be amazed by it, and never let them know how to make it themselves. I’m weird like that. I don’t want people taking credit at a later date, for my food. But I have decided to share one of my families tried and true weekend recipes for an awesome, pre-day o’ football, breakfast (brunch/lunch/dinner/snack/shit I could eat breakfast food all day) foods. I present to you my super-awesome DELUXE FRENCH TOAST recipe.

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Hit & Run: Tom Who?

Tom, can I please get off the bench now?

I must admit that I don’t watch a lot of football. I can be roped into it. I don’t hate it. I just don’t watch it. However, since the Ladies… have started a fantasy football league (oh and WOOT I’m number 1! Had a monster 115 point week which put me on top. I’d like to thank Adrian Peterson and Brandon Marshall for all their hard work… moving on), I have paid slightly more attention to the stats than in past years, especially the injury and suspension reports. I also have a major crush on Tom Brady. So while watching the Pats play in week 1 (and subsequently seeing Dreamboat go down in a sickening heap within the first 10 minutes) I wondered how the Pats would fair without their golden boy at the helm. Apparently, they can do just fine. Enter, Matt Cassell.

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Day-Before Hump Day Hottie: Fernando Torres

Taking a break from the drama and ranting and back to what I’m good at: ogling man-flesh. Yeah I know, it’s not Wednesday, but sometimes you stumble across (or in my case increase my interweb stalking of) a beautiful piece of man that you just cannot wait to share with the world. Meet, become reacquainted with, enjoy, drool over: Fernando Torres.

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Phelps Watch 2008: Three Down, Five to Go (and other musings)

In a completely unshocking turn of events Michael Phelps, the Golden Boy, American Hero, BFF of one George Walker Bush, won his third gold medal of these Beijing Olympic Games. Oh, and again unsurprisingly, he did it in world record time (1 minute 42.96 seconds to be exact). He made that 200 Freestyle his bitch. I used to swim as a child and in high school. He makes it look so easy it makes me sick. I went to the pool today and swam for an hour. It was hard to SLOWLY swim even a few hundred meters, let alone blast through the water faster than anyone in history. As Andrea noted yesterday, Phelps won his second gold in the EPIC 4×100 meter free relay. Is it even possible to stop this man (without going all Tanya Harding on his ass, that is)? Not even OTHER PEOPLE can mess up his quest, and I mean, other people screw up everything!

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Hit & Run: Are the f*#king Olympics here yet??

Its okay, MC, dont freak out, only 3 more days til Ryan Lochte is on your tv screen and not stupid baseball...

It's okay, MC, don't freak out, only 3 more days til Ryan Lochte is on your tv screen and not stupid baseball...

I hate this part of the summer. It’s hot. I’m in North Carolina so it’s humid as hell. My hair doesn’t look it’s shiny awesomey best (and trust me I have great hair). There are no sports worth watcing on a regular basis. (Die, baseball! DIE!) My one shining bastion of hope is NASCAR, and that is only on Saturday or Sunday. Alas, I have no tv right now. (Product of moving and Time Warner Cable hating my guts). So I missed the one sporting event of the week that I actually look forward too. Yes, I followed along on the internet, but it’s not the same. When one cannot see the racecars crash, does it really happen? One of those questions we may never have an answer to.

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If only the ESPYs had been done MY way…

So the ESPYs came and went Sunday night, and I must say they were quite disappointing. I have been a Justin Timberlake fangirl since my formative years (I’m talking 13) but his song and dance numbers were a little over the top. Is this the MTV awards now? His “I love sports” song was pretty funny, but some of his other moments were just plain awkward. Hugging Aaron Rogers in front of the whole crowd? Aaron was clearly uncomfortable, and well, it really wasn’t that funny. Although, if they had panned to Brett Favre’s disgruntled face, that would have been GOLD. But no, ESPN missed that prime opportunity. Also, note to JT: We get it, you are a Memphis fan and they lost and you are sad and Mario Chalmers crushed your dreams and they sucked at free throws, etc, etc. BUT OMG that joke got reallllly stale after the 3rd reference, and I was about ready to drop dead at the 700th. Get funnier material next time, KThxBai. On top of the whole event itself, some of the awards were total crap! I really think if they could have, they would have given all the awards to the Giants. What did they win like 6? Unacceptable. So here are the awards where I think they got it really right or otally got it wrong, and what my much more awesome and correct choice would have been.

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Hit & Run: Nereida Gallardo, tell me how my ass tastes… No homo.

I know, I know. We already did a post about this yesterday but I felt it was necessary to add some additional commentary and pics. Cristiano Ronaldo may be the undisputed king of the douches right now, but HOT DAMN, that is one beautiful piece of man-meat! AND HE”S BACK ON THE MARKET. Fangirls and working girls alike shall rejoice in this glorious news! So if only he would shut his gorgeous pie-hole, stay with Manchester United and be frickin happy about it, he could go back to being in first place in the Mistress Christina’s future husband race.

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Hit & Run: Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…


In case you hadn’t heard, Alex Rodriguez’s wife Cynthia filed for divorce in Miami yesterday. The reason behind the split? Apparently A-Rod is having “an affair of the heart” with the one and only Madonna. This “emotional abandonment” was the latest in a string of infidelities for the Yankee All Star, including a well publicised fling with a Canadian stripper last year (or maybe it was just a stripper and he took her to Canada? I don’t remember the specifics) But yeah, moral of the story: A-Rod = cheater. There were also rumors that Cynthia shacked up in Paris for a week or so with none other than Lenny Kravitz (WTF??). Turns out, while she may not have been bumping uglies with Lenny, she was giving A-Rod’s credit card quite the work out, to the tune of 100,000 bucks on various shopping excursions and spa treatments. Hit him where it hurts honey.

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ROGER LOST!! And, more importantly, RAFA WON WIMBLEDON!


rafa wimbledon

Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer to win the Men’s Wimbledon Championship! He won in five sets (6-4, 6-4, 6-7, 6-7, 9-7), in what was probably the best Wimbledon final I’ve ever watched. I was convinced the 5th set would go on forever. Once it hit 7 all, I just couldn’t picture either of these men getting broken. And then he did it. Rafa broke Roger to make it 8-7. I nearly lost my mind. Continue reading

Hit and Run: Because things need to be said, and briefly.


I don’t know if you all knew this, but the Celtics won the NBA Championship! As the resident NBA posting Lady, I feel remiss that I didn’t post about this last week! But oh well. Congrats Celtics! Now I must also apologize to the Celtics franchise and their fans. I had them pegged to lose to the Lakers. Not that I wanted them to lose (as I hate the Lakers), but they had just played so inconsistently! Heck, Atlanta took them to seven games! So I’m sorry KG, Paul, Ray. I’m sorry Boston. I should have kept the faith. You deserved to win. Now please, if you don’t mind, could you keep the douchey fandom to a minimum? Nothing is worse than an asshat, cocky, Boston fan. (Except maybe an asshat, cocky Yankees fan…)

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I know. I know. I just posted. But this had to be said. MY BOYS ARE COMING BACK TO ME! The University of North Carolina Men’s basketball team is returning its ENTIRE Final Four reaching starting line-up from last season. All of them. Coming back. Three of them cruelly tested the draft waters, making us wait and ponder while they hung out with NBA stars and got injured (seriously all 3 of them got hurt at least a little). But they have redeemed themselves in my eyes by returning to the fold. All will be forgiven. It’s time for a national championship boys! Waiting four years for another one is just way too long. :)

Damn you, Supreme Court! Thank you, Dame!

So I generously (I am such a good person :)) switched days with one of my fellow Ladies… so that she could focus on the hideous and all encompassing task of registering for classes. I presumed I would have plenty of time to come up with an excellent post for today, given that I have non-stop access to a computer and at least an hour for lunch.  But, when I got into work this morning and was finishing up some research for a memo I’m writing for one of my bosses (I work at a law firm), I found out that the Supreme Court had spent Thursday afternoon literally destroying my argument piece by piece. Thanks a lot, Ginsburg. I now have to write a new memo, taking into account that my really strong case just got shat upon by the highest court in the land. Woot.

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A bit late, but worth the wait! Rafa wins 4th consecutive French Open

No, the Ladies… have not turned into a Rafael Nadal fangirl site. Nonetheless, I will be the first to celebrate his awesomeness and overall hotness at each and every occasion. So here’s to you Rafa. Congrats on doing what only Bjorn Borg had managed to do before you: win 4 consecutive French Open titles. Here’s to continuing that streak (you are only 22 after all) and repeatedly dominating that most wretched of all players, Roger Federer, on the beautiful red clay. We here at Ladies… salute your triumph.

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Guess the Hottie: Torso Edition

[This week the Ladies… are rolling out several new features. You already got a glimpse of “Ask the Ladies…”, well this is another new series-style post.]

Do you love to ogle athlete man-flesh? Do you spend hours on Google Images hunting down pics of your fave athletes in various states of undress? Could you pick your man’s abs out of a lineup? Well let’s put that knowledge to the test shall we? It’s time to play GUESS THAT HOTTIE! The Torso Edition.

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NBA Finals Preview Part 1: The Celtics

The NBA Finals are here! After weeks of triumph (yay Hornets!) and disappointment (I miss my Chris Paul) it has finally been whittled down to 2 teams, in a showdown which is probably best described as David Stern’s ultimate wet dream. The Boston Celtics will face off against the Los Angeles Lakers in a best of 7 series. NBA history, replaying itself during primetime (and in HD!). The NBA, IT MATTERS PEOPLE! This has been a crazy season from beginning to end. KG to the Celtics. Shaq to the Suns. Kobe not going anywhere (and finally stopping the whining which I had thought would be incessant). But for me, the Celtics have been the most compelling story this season (other than the Hornets, but we’re talking the Finals here and sadly my Chris Paul did not make it). A one season turn-around of unprecedented proportions. The acquisition of veteran talent which has put the Celtics back on the basketball map. So here is a run-down of how they got here and how I think they’ll fare in the end (hint: it’s not good). Join me, wont you?

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