Mid-American Conference Hangover

This post is the product of an actual hangover which is so bad, it’s lasted 3 days since the MAC Championship game actually happened. I blame the state of Florida and its lovely beaches and bars, the ACC and its conference championship basketball game (from which I promise to make a full report, pictures and all), and all the baseball players down here for spring training that have distracted me from the computer. Stupid, sexy spring training.

The Miami boys are camera shy…

What a game, though! Possibly the most thrilling finish in a year of thrilling conference finishes, Miami (OH) came from the #4 seed to defeat #1 seeded Toledo in the semis, and then #2 seeded Akron in the championship game on a last second 3-point buzzer beater. I’m so glad I got the chance to use the phrase, “buzzer beater” – so thanks to you, Miami, for that. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, there was the added kerfluffle when Miami had a case of premature celebration, and (after much heated discussion at the officials’ table) .6 seconds were put back on the clock. But Akron couldn’t capitalize on the .6 and Miami got to experience a full-on case of celebration and an automatic bid to the Big Dance.

Congratulations, Redhawks of Miami (OH) – and please don’t hold that whole prejudging your school against me- I have learned the error of my ways.

Big Ten Hangover: A Real Hangover

The plan was to attend Friday’s games, get tons of pictures, come back with exciting stories and watch Iowa make their 4th trip in 7 tries to the finals of the tournament. Somehow, we manage to get our shit together for the Big Ten Tournament. However, we ended up being so bad in our quarterfinal match-up against Purdue that we didn’t even make the NIT. Seriously, as my friend Jebus put it: that’s like being turned down by a hooker. So, no fun stories, no great pictures. Just a helluva real hangover. (That picture came up when I searched for “suicide watch” and it made me laugh really hard).

The Hottie MVP is OSU’s Michael Conley Jr. He’s just a lil’ fella, but he’s a cutie. To the surprise of, well, no one, the Big Ten tourney final was a rematch of Ohio State and Wisconsin. I thought this game would be hotly contested and close the whole way; the regular-season meetings were decided by a total of 4 points. However, OSU handed Wisconsin a huge beat-down and secured themselves a #1 seed. I’ve already shown you the hot guy, so if you’d like to hear more of my thoughts about the NCAA bracket, come on in…. Continue reading

PAC-10 Hangover – The Biggest Loser Edition

Thank you Oregon.  Thank you Cal.  As a non-native Angeleno, there is nothing I enjoy more than seeing both UCLA and USC fail.   And fail they did.    

Thank you Bryce Taylor, (who I had picked on my All-Hottie PAC-10 team), for dominating yesterday’s title game.    Seriously?  11 for 11 from the field,  7  for 7  in three-point range, and perfect foul point shooting?  That giant “O” on your uni must be for “OMG! Hot and talented!” 

And even though this should be Oregon’s glory time, the real story is how other teams came up short.

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Big East Conference Hangover-Georgetown Is The Poo

Bring It OnSo everybody should just take a big wiff.

(I am so sorry for the Bring It On reference.)

This is hard for me to say. I’m an ACC girl. I will, until my last breath, always proclaim that the ACC is the best college basketball conference hands down. But goddamn is Georgetown good. Very good. Scary good. And Pitt? Well, at least they made the finals. That’s special for them. Continue reading

Big West Hangover: Dwelt a miner 49er

#1 Long Beach St. defeats #2 Cal Poly. This was the second tournament I’ve hung over where the semis were the #1, #2, #3 and #5 teams and it was about as exciting as that last sentence. Cal Poly made it a game most of the way, but by the end the fightin’ 49ers of Long Beach kept a comfortable 10 point lead down the stretch.

The Hottie MVP is Long Beach State’s freshman guard at 6’3, 170: Darnell Porter. Hello Darnell. Are you over 18? Not that that’s necessarily a deal-breaker. Long Beach is most like going to be slotted into a #14 seed spot and since 14-3 upsets are becoming more common, the 49ers may not be one-and-done.

Western Athletic Conference Hangover-Finally Sweet Release

NMSU mascotFinally, a game that was interesting from beginning to end. A game that was competitive from both teams and had all the drama we expect from March. Thank you New Mexico State. Thank you Utah State. Your stately battle was a good one and thanks to a minor upset by the hands of Utah St., your conference will be getting two teams into the tournament this year. Wiggidy WAC indeed. Continue reading

Patriot League Hangover – Collector’s Card

Congratulations Holy Cross!  You get your own card Hottie MVP Keith Simmons! (No relation to The Sports Guy, so calm down out there.)

Hooptimeonline did some great live-blogging from the Holy Cross – Bucknell championship game, (How does one live-blog in an arena?), and I cannot hope to top that for coverage.  (Unless I could have live-blogged from inside the locker room.)

Simmons was not on my initial Patriot League All-Conference Hottie Team Panty Raid, but after seeing his bod in action I knew I had to make a switch.

Which makes the Holy Cross Zach Paterick card that more valuable, so double check your collections.

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Colonial Athletic Association Hangover

After the boring ass-beating of the A-Sun Conference championship, I was feeling empty. My March Madness experience was lacking, I wondered if I’d ever find excitement again. I was feeling sad and blue- but Virginia Commonwealth made me feel shiny and new… VCU and George Mason (George Mason?!?! what is this- 2006?) stepped up in a big way, delivering a thrilling championship game and making bubble teams across the land faint away dead from the stress. I love you, CAA. Will you marry me?

I got drunk and married CAA in Vegas! Errr, Richmond, VA!

See the complete wedding album, and all the dirt, after the jump… Continue reading

Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Hangover

Siena, you almost made me look smart. You got the the championship game and gave it a good fight. So much so that you had me believing in you. And then you break my heart. Darn you Siena. Darn you. Niagara won the MAAC Championship, 83-79 Monday night to capture the automatic bid to the NCAA’s. This will be their second trip to the “Big Dance” in three years. Continue reading

Southern Conference Hangover

SoCon logoAh, the SoCon Tournament. Once again another conference tournament went pretty much chalk. And the number one seed, Davidson won. Big shocker. C of C got to the championship game with the home-town crowd and Davidson got there because they’re a good team. I went to this game Saturday, well the first half of the game anyway, and I must say that although it was a two-point game at halftime, I was pretty bored. And this is nothing against the Southern Conference. It just wasn’t that exciting of a game to me. I would have pictures for you. But me and my camera didn’t get along, particularly the part where it decided to jump out of my hand while walking to the entrance, breaking into a bunch of little pieces. Fuck you Sony Cyber-shot that I got for Christmas. Continue reading

Missouri Valley Conference Hangover

Nothin’ special to see here and Bubble Teams around the country can breathe one more sigh of relief.  All 4 top seeds made the semi-finals and the top 2 seeds made the finals. Creighton made the finals easily; Missouri State could never really find an answer for Creighton’s shifting defenses. Southern Illinois, however, had a tougher time and only beat Bradley on a last-second bucket. It would not surprise me to see the MVC get 4 tournament bids now; a lot will depend on how the other tournaments around the country shake out.  If my review of the title match sounds like a live-blog, that’s cause it is.  I actually got to watch all of the game with no interruptions.  Continue reading

Big South Conference Hangover

Fuck you VMI. You almost had us going there, beating third-seed Liberty by 1, and then beating the second seed High Point by 10. And giving Winthrop a game down to the last nine seconds. And having us all believe you could be one of those tournament teams that came out of nowhere. But in the end your pathetic defense did you in. Winthrop beat VMI 84-81, going to the big dance for the seventh time in nine years and for the third straight year. The Eagles were lead by Torrell Martin, who scored 17 points. VMI was lead by Travis Holmes, who scored 29 points; that led all players on the floor. He made 6 out of 9 threes in the game. The Big South tournament team-Craig Bradshaw (MVP) (Winthrop), Michael Jenkins (Winthrop), Travis Holmes (VMI), Reggie Williams (VMI), K.J. Garland (UNC Asheville), and Eugene Harris (High Point). Continue reading

Atlantic Sun Conference Hangover

The next morning, you always end up asking yourself… what the hell happened? Sometimes your recollections are hazy, and you only have vague impressions of where you went or what/who you did. Sometimes you have random text messages or voicemails or (best of all) photos on your cell that help you reconstruct the events. Sometimes, if you’re very lucky, you can’t remember a damned thing at all. That’s when you call your buddy, and have a debriefing to try and sort things out.

Were you drunk dialing again last night?

Let this be your debriefing for the Atlantic Sun Conference tournament – I’ll help you fill in the gaps.

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OVC Tournament Hangover

Great last few minutes of the final game. Boring conference tourny. The Ohio Valley Conference Tournament pretty much went chalk, the only mild upset being fifth-seed Samford beating four-seed Murray State. Even the game last night, Austin Peay and Eastern Kentucky, featured the top two seeds in the conference. And it was dull, as Austin Peay couldn’t buy a basket for 10 minutes in the second half which lead to Eastern Kentucky taking over the game. AP did, however, get back into the game with a little less than three minutes left, taking the lead. But Josh Taylor hit the game-winning layup with 2.9 seconds left to put Eastern Kentucky up 63-62. The Colonels are going to their seventh NCAA Tournament and the OVC title was their fifth overall. They last won in 2005. Continue reading