Fun Minor League stats from Opening Day (SQUEE)

Yesterday was Opening Day in Minor League Baseball, which is like Christmas Part III (after MLB Opening Day, and actual Christmas).


Will Smith, strike-outer and high-fiver of many.

A big story was Jurickson Profar finally making an appearance at AAA, after skipping straight up to the Majors from AA last year. He went 2-3, which is nice, but hardly the most interesting-looking line of the night.

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The Ladies… play MLB GM: Call up Lenny DiNardo?

If I had a nickel for every time I wanted to do Royals General Manager Dayton Moore’s job, I’d have…a shitload of nickels. I’d love to think GMDM totally reads all the Royals blogs out there, and considers our suggestions. That’s proooobably not the case at all, but just in case: Hey GMDM, call up Lenny DiNardo! He could help your bullpen! And he’s a lefty!

Oh, and…he looks like this:

We have the Omaha World Herald to thank for this work of art.

We have the Omaha World Herald to thank for this work of art.

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Have You Heard of Blake DeWitt?

I’m postponing my epic post about Trevor Bauer because right now, I just need to vent. (You’ve been warned.)

So. The Dodgers. Yeah, you guys, over there, in the hats that match the one I’m wearing right now. One of your bench players really sucks. His name is Juan Castro, and he has a career OPS+ of 56. That’s right, his offense is 44% worse than the average Major League player. So what is he doing in the Majors? Well, posting a 7.6 UZR/150 at shortstop, but that isn’t really my point.

But let’s put that in terms that are easier for most people to understand. From 2002-2008, he’s provided a little less than a third of a win — one third of one win, over the course of 7 years — to teams on which he’s been. Let that sink in for a moment.

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A press conference I’d love to see

Some of the baseball Ladies… are watching their teams in successful circumstances: Metsy’s Mets (duh) and Chitown Chick’s Cubbies are in first place; Lady Andrea’s Cardinals are in the hunt for the NL Wild Card; Cinnamon Girl’s Twins are looking for the same thing the AL.

Not me. Last night, my Royals had a chance to maybe win a game, and lost it when my favorite pitcher dropped a popup. Our overpaid, underperforming outfielder/DH has shifted from yelling at the media to yelling at fans (while his manager is on the can, no less).  Furthermore, the top draft pick KC fans were all so thrilled about signing? Well, turns out his contract may not have been legit.

Contract not filed in time? Oh noes!

Eric Hosmer: Contract not filed in time? Oh noes!

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Where are they now? The Hottie Prospectus Edition

At the beginning of the season, the Ladies… assembled an All-Hottie team of some of the game’s best propsects (along with some random hotties). As we round out the final few hours of the All-Star Break (finally!), let’s check up on some of our prospects and see how they’re doing.

Some gratuitous Votto for you...

Some gratuitous Joey Votto for you...

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Hottie Prospectus 2008

This is my awkward introductory sentence wherein I inform you that this is my first post here, and I’m very nervous. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to the Hotties!

It’s easy to forget sometimes that the hotties in the Majors aren’t the only ones. I know, sometimes life gets kind of hectic, and so you don’t have the time to keep up with the minor leaguers in your team’s farm system.

You’re missing out.

When these hotties make it to The Show, some will discover their prettiness for the first time. But you will know better; you will have followed the hotness all the way from the creaky buses of the minors to the chartered flights and luxurious life of the majors. It will be hard to match last year’s class of tasty prospects, but let’s give it a shot.


Taking the hill for our all-hottie team, we’ve got Ruddy Lugo, a Mets prospect who scores points for his talent, his looks, and being the younger brother of Julio Lugo. (The Lugo brothers were once teammates with the Rays – cute, right?) Baseball Prospectus describes his curveball as “nifty,” and reports that his fastball hits 95 at times. The Internets do not have enough pictures of Ruddy; I’d like to launch a campaign to change that. I’ll call it Take More Pictures of Ruddy Lugo, Then Post Them Online, or TMPoRLTPTO for short. But here’s one of the few.

Ruddy Lugo

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Mining for Hotties: Baseball Prospect Draft

Opening Day has arrived, and that means several things: everyone’s stocking up on beer for the festivities, looking ahead to how their favorite team will perform (c’mon Cubs, Phillies & Red Sox- I know it’s your year… for at least one of you!) and putting together their fantasy baseball rosters. Here at Ladies… that means it’s time for the Hottie Prospect Draft. Metschick and I scoured through Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospects (and beyond) to draft our lineup of the hottest top prospects for this season (and by “hottest”, we mean in every way possible). Our Hottie Prospect roster will highlight all the very best up and… comers.

Their heat has blocked out the rays of the sun.

Look for the full lineup of hotties after the jump… (and, yes- Jacoby made the roster…)

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