Hottie Prospectus 2008

This is my awkward introductory sentence wherein I inform you that this is my first post here, and I’m very nervous. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to the Hotties!

It’s easy to forget sometimes that the hotties in the Majors aren’t the only ones. I know, sometimes life gets kind of hectic, and so you don’t have the time to keep up with the minor leaguers in your team’s farm system.

You’re missing out.

When these hotties make it to The Show, some will discover their prettiness for the first time. But you will know better; you will have followed the hotness all the way from the creaky buses of the minors to the chartered flights and luxurious life of the majors. It will be hard to match last year’s class of tasty prospects, but let’s give it a shot.


Taking the hill for our all-hottie team, we’ve got Ruddy Lugo, a Mets prospect who scores points for his talent, his looks, and being the younger brother of Julio Lugo. (The Lugo brothers were once teammates with the Rays – cute, right?) Baseball Prospectus describes his curveball as “nifty,” and reports that his fastball hits 95 at times. The Internets do not have enough pictures of Ruddy; I’d like to launch a campaign to change that. I’ll call it Take More Pictures of Ruddy Lugo, Then Post Them Online, or TMPoRLTPTO for short. But here’s one of the few.

Ruddy Lugo

According to Baseball America, KC’s #2 prospect Daniel Cortes might be the best player to come to the Royals in the Mike MacDougal trade. (Given Tyler Lumsden’s lack of success so far, I’d say that is correct.) But here’s a conundrum: Based on pictures nicked by astute bloggers from his MySpace page, it appears that he might be kind of a douche. I mean, a self-taken-pictures, bad-haircut superdouche. But this team isn’t about those kinds of things. It’s about important prospects who are also hot. So here, ladies, is Daniel Cortes.

Daniel Cortes

My favorite Minor League team name ever might have to be the mighty Biscuits of Montgomery. Here’s a nice, warm Biscuit, right-handed starting pitcher Wade Davis, who has the best fastball among TB farmhands according to Baseball America.

Lastly, here’s Fautino de los Santos, a 22-year-old Dominican prospect in the Oakland organization.


Our lovely pitchers are great and all, but they need a batterymate. Thank God we have someone as handsome as A’s prospect Jonathan Johnston to fill that role.

Chitown Chick says it best: “Not only is he adorable, he is an alum of the Naval Academy. Baseball uniform + navy uniform + hotness = Good gosh almighty.” Exactly!

Jonathan Johnston

At first base, I couldn’t decide on one favorite, so say “Hey, come here often?” to both Nick Evans and Joey Votto:

Nick Evans

Joey Votto

Mets prospect Hector Pellot reminds us how important it is to stretch. It’s especially important if you, like Pellot, have delicious arms.

Hector Pellot

If you pretend the soul patch isn’t there, Rockies prospect at 3B, Ian Stewart, isn’t bad at all. I know that’s a big “if,” but let’s try it and see what happens:

Ian Stewart

Shortstop was the hardest slot to fill. There are so many good(looking) ones! Let’s go with Angels’ farmhand Brandon Wood, a tall righty who is batting .268 so far this year with 7 homers.

Brandon Wood


Roaming the Hottie Outfield, we have top St. Louis prospect Colby Rasmus, by special request from Lady Andrea. Rasmus was part of the 2005 draft class that is shaping up to be so very, very talented (and so very, very handsome).

Colby Rasmus

Austin Jackson was a hot basketball prospect before he decided on baseball and signed with the Yanks, where he’s caught the eye of Mr. October himself, Reggie Jackson. Fun fact: He’s also a top prospect in having a sexy stare and luscious lips.

Austin Jackson

Well hello there, Ryan Kalish. You were once the Red Sox’s #10 prospect. Unlike what I previously thought (thanks to TheIntern for the fix), you are still with the Red Sox….so we should talk sometime, mmmkay?

Ryan Kalish

Speaking of gentlemen who need to be aware that I am currently single, Shane Costa may have tons of MLB experience (somewhere around 150 games), but I’m putting him here anyway because, well…look:Shane Costa

He might have to have his very own HDH post someday. I swear he walks in slow motion, and I can hear the faint sound of angels singing as he passes by. And I really hope no one else from the Omaha Royals organization is reading this right now.

That pretty much does it for our hottie prospects. Special thanks to Becky for helping with the oh-so-tedious research. Spending an evening scouting the Top 100 list was really, really taxing.

34 thoughts on “Hottie Prospectus 2008

  1. “It’s my first time. I’m really nervous. Please be gentle.” Yeah, that one still works for me, too…

    I mean, welcome! Nice boat shoes on Shane Costa.

  2. Yay Joey Votto! He (along w/Johnny Cueto) has made watching the Reds otherwise craptacular season sooooo much better.

  3. I vote for all the Latino players, as usual. And although it’s nice to see one Lugo brother on here, it’s always better to see both…at least I think so! But most anyone who recognizes my “name” knows that already. ;-)

  4. Let me just mention that Jonathan Johnston is even hotter is person, I know hard to believe that it’s possible. Spending my summer working Cougars games is so much better with him behind the plate. Might what to mention another hot minor league pitcher, from the Cougars, Craig Italiano.

  5. Soxgirl12: Hotter in person, eh? I might have to make it up to a Cougars game next time I’m in that area. And Italiano has REALLY pretty eyes.

  6. Minda- Yes he is even hotter in person so you should make it in for a game. Italiano is even hotter since he tossed his no-hitter on 4/9.

    Chitown- You are so lucky that you worked there while Beckett was there. I have one of the promotional jerseys they gave away with his name on it. Yes, they do still serve the pulled pork sandwich and it is still amazing.

  7. What is better than getting paid to get hit on by hottie up-and-coming baseball stars?! Can’t think of anything? That’s what I thought!

  8. Come back Shane! I’m ready for him to come back to KC! Sorry Minda, don’t want to take your future husband away but we need him here!! And I’ve found lots of boyfriends in the minor leagues – you can just hang over the fence & talk to them during the game – oh, the good old days!

  9. Are you guys serious? I can’t believe not one of you has mentioned Nick Evans. Thank you so much for putting him on this list. I started surfing the web for pics of him the minute I saw him the first time on tv, and I don’t really like sports. HE”S YUMMY!!!!:) I’m hooked.

  10. Just a quick note about that pretty boy Jonathon Johnston….FABULOUS guy! I knew him before the minors and Im still good friends with him…. ;-)
    HOTTIE FOR SURE…..but stand up gentleman 1st and foremost!

  11. minda is a hottie to bad thay don’t have a girls team!!! I should would like to see her @ home plate in her birthday suite

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