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Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 18

Luke Schenn, Maple Leafs first-round pick in the 2008 draft. I couldn’t resist a little bit of homerism, but honestly, I don’t think you’ll mind. More after the jump.

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I have to do this eventually, I might as well do it now.


It was supposed to be the Yankees.

It wasn’t.

I’m going to miss you, you know. I’m going to miss that little sliver of hope that the rest of the team would play as well as they’d need to in order to deserve you, and I’m going to miss having someone to believe in every fifth day (or really, every day), and I’m going to miss everything about the way you affected the team and the city and the fans. Hell, I’m not just ‘going to’, I already do.

I’m not saying the Jays have nothing to play for anymore – just that it’s going to feel that way for a while.

So I’ll see you around, I guess.

I don’t know when I’ll be ready to say goodbye.

Ladies… Hero: Brendan Burke

This article is a long one.

It’s a long one, and it’s an important one, and it’s the only article from a major media outlet that has ever made me cry.

By coming out, Brendan Burke is standing up and showing the entire LGBTQA sports community a level of courage that very few other athletes have ever shown. And by accepting him and supporting him and loving him, his father is sending the message that there’s nothing to be afraid of with gay athletes. That having a gay man in the clubhouse is no worse than having a black man there or a Jewish man there, which is to say, there’s nothing wrong with it at all.

And you know, maybe as a queer girl and as a Maple Leafs fan, I’m biased. But unlike homophobia, my bias won’t hurt anybody.

So congratulations to Brendan Burke, my hero of the year.

Brendan and his father Brian

Yes, Again: The (Last-Minute) Case For Tim Lincecum

There is a statistically-inclined rant after the jump that I think you all need to hear.

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Improving The “World” Series…

…or, I Swear This Isn’t All Just An Elaborate Plot To Get The Blue Jays Into The Playoffs (Even If They Lose).


Current format: A whole bunch of American teams play each other and the winner is crowned World Champion.

Proposed format: The top American teams play each other and the winner is crowned National Champion. (Or American Champion, I’m not very picky.) That plays out exactly the same way that the “World” series does now.

But guess what happens to the National Champion?

They get to play the Blue Jays for the right to be called World Champions Of Baseball.

Rationale: I like the Blue Jays. I also hate anything that’s incorrect, and calling something the “World Championship” when you’ve only had a non-American team involved 5 times in the entire history of the event. I had the number 16 copy-pasted here but I’ve forgotten why I wanted to use it.

More after the jump. (I’m refining this as I go, so try to bear with me. Please?)

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