Where are they now? The Hottie Prospectus Edition

At the beginning of the season, the Ladies… assembled an All-Hottie team of some of the game’s best propsects (along with some random hotties). As we round out the final few hours of the All-Star Break (finally!), let’s check up on some of our prospects and see how they’re doing.

Some gratuitous Votto for you...

Some gratuitous Joey Votto for you...


Admittedly, Ruddy Lugo was not chosen entirely for his pitching prowess; he was just someone I ran into at work and thought was pretty. After 18 starts, he’s 6-8 with a 5.27 ERA for AAA New Orleans and hasn’t seen time in the Majors.

I can’t get over how douchey Dan Cortes looks, but still, he’s hot. And, according to Royals Authority, he’s “right on schedule” in his path toward the Majors, with 68 strikeouts in 70 innings so far this season at AA Northwest Arkansas.

Douchey? Yep. Hot? You decide.

He's 21; he'll get over it.

Then we have Wade Davis. In 19 starts at AA Montgomery, the 22-year-old is 9-6 with a 3.85 ERA.

Fautino de los Santos is listed as inactive over at the Stockton Ports website. And his numbers in limited action this year aren’t too hot.  Whoopsie!

I missed on this one. FAIL.

I missed on this one. FAIL.


Jonathan Johnston, our catcher, is batting .228 in 36 games with the Kane County Cougars (single-A). In the middle of looking for more stats, I found this picture, and all I could think was “guuhhhh,” so we’ll move on.

Yes, please.

Yes, please.

Nick Evans is the reason I wanted to do this post, becaue he skipped AAA altogether to help the Mets when they had some injury problems at the end of May. He’s only seen 31 at-bats, but has collected 7 hits (3 of which were doubles) and driven in three runs. A guy could do a lot worse after making the HUGE leap from AA to the Bigs.

Mommy wow! Hes a big-leaguer now.

Mommy wow! He's a big-leaguer now.

Joey Votto has spent all season in the Majors with the Reds. He’s batting a very respectable .279/.350/ .464, with an OPS+ of 110. For those chicks who dig the long ball, Votto also has 13 homers.

Id like to high-five Joey Votto, too.

I'd like to high-five Joey Votto, too.

Hector Pellot is not having the best season, offense-wise, so I won’t post his numbers here. (But they are here if you want to see…)

Hector Pellot

Hector Pellot

Ian Stewart has split time between the Majors and AAA Colorado Springs. When searching for pics, I found a lot of the Ian Stewart from the Rolling Stones. But I also found this for you:

Awww, shoot. L-O-V-E.

Awww, shoot. L-O-V-E.

The good news about Brandon Wood, our shortstop: He’s in the Majors. The bad news: His OPS+ is negative six. (For those not familiar with this wonderful stat, it’s on-base plus slugging as compared with the rest of the league, and 100 is Major League average.) But the Angels still have high hopes for Wood, a first-round draft pick from a few years ago who is repeatedly referred to as a “can’t-miss prospect.”

Brandon Wood and his...uhh...wood.

Brandon Wood and his...uhh...wood.


Colby Rasmus was just named to the US Olympic squad, a pretty clear indication that the 21-year-old doing something right in the Cardinals organization.

Loove the socks, Colb.

Loove the socks, Colb.

Austin Jackson, another 21-year-old, is back down at AA Trenton after spending part of last season at the AAA level with the Yanks. In 93 games, Jackson is batting .282.

Pic is from last year, eyes are intense.

Pic is from last year, eyes are intense.

The young Ryan Kalish is having a good season at single-A Greenville, batting .283 in 72 games.

Ryan, look over here!

Ryan, look over here!

…and just like that, it’s time for some meaningful ballgames! (Not that the Derby and the ASG weren’t tons of fun, but I’m glad the Break is over!) We’ll have to keep an eye out for our gang of hotties to see what they do in Half #2 of this season, and of course, report back with plenty of photos.

9 thoughts on “Where are they now? The Hottie Prospectus Edition

  1. Yay Joey Votto! I am loving all the new young Reds this year. Cueto, Volquez (despite his scary forehead), Votto, Hairston, and esp. Jay Bruce. Holy crap, he’s cute & he is absolutely tearing shit up.

  2. Just got back from Mets at the Movies (sooo much fun!), and watching these players on that huge screen was really interesting. Votto is hot. Very hot!

    David Weathers, on the other hand. Wow. He was so fug.

    ETA: Nick Evans is another cutie, even though he looks like he’s 16. He’s got beautiful eyes.

  3. Oh. My. God. Jonathan Johnston. Eye black.

    /surprised at myself for that reaction. Holy effin’ shit, he’s hot.

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