Fun Minor League stats from Opening Day (SQUEE)

Yesterday was Opening Day in Minor League Baseball, which is like Christmas Part III (after MLB Opening Day, and actual Christmas).


Will Smith, strike-outer and high-fiver of many.

A big story was Jurickson Profar finally making an appearance at AAA, after skipping straight up to the Majors from AA last year. He went 2-3, which is nice, but hardly the most interesting-looking line of the night.

That honor belongs to (White) Will Smith, the Omaha Storm Chasers pitcher who started against Profar and the Express. Smith only went five innings, but he got 11 strikeouts. This means he currently sports a 19.8 K/9 rate. Totally sustainable, right?

Elsewhere in at the intersection of AAA Street and OMGSTRIKEOUTS Lane, Tony Cingrani had never pitched at the Triple-A level before, but he struck out 14 batters in 6 innings. NBD. I can totes do that.

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