Masters – Hottie Skins Update

We started with eight hotties teeing off at the Masters on Tuesday, and after 2 rounds, only three of our hotties (Luke Donald, Adam Scott and Tiger Woods) remain following the cut. Fortunately for the rest of us, we’re scoring our hotties on a skins-style basis, so every hottie still has a chance to win our Masters. Chris DiMarco leads with 3 skins; Ernie Els, Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods each currently hold 1 skin, and the remaining skins are all ties. But that can all change, because Luke, Adam and Tiger still have 2 rounds to snatch some (or all) of those skins away.

Scruff brothers Adam (working it out, Bangles-style) and Sergio

Now let’s get to the shallow stuff: what our hotties have looked like at Augusta. That’s really what’s important. And our hotties have come through in a big way…

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The Masters – Hottie Skins Style

With all the hotties on the PGA Tour, there was no way we were going to let the Masters slip by unnoticed. But we’re not going to bring you dry leaderboard recitations, or boring capsule summaries- which would put you to sleep faster than listening to Jim Nantz talk in hushed tones on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Instead we’re doing the Masters… hottie skins style.

Each of the Ladies… picked one hottie golfer to back in the tournament. We’re pitting our hotties against each other on the course, but instead of just giving the highest finishing hottie the win, we thought- let’s make it more interesting. Why go the simple route? So we’ll be scoring our PGA hotties in a modified skins-style format. Each hole equals one skin- and the hottie who shoots the best score on a hole (over the course of the whole tournament) will win that hole, and that skin. So it’s to each hottie’s advantage to make the cut, because that means he’ll get more shots at a better score on each hole. In the event of a tie, we will use any arbitrary means at our disposal to break the tie. Them’s the breaks.

Some Ladies… selected based on looks alone, some based on a little sentiment, some based on skills, some based on spitting accuracy. But combined, we’ve put together the hottest Leaderboard around.

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