Weekend Hit and Run: Blame it on the rain


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads we know in real life and in the blogosphere. Oh, and in pro sports (like that guy)!

Your current leader at the US Open in New York is…Mother Nature. Rain has wreaked havoc with the schedule, which could mean that for the first time in more than two decades a winner will be crowned on Monday. Ricky Barnes leads the pack with an 8- under 132.


Mandatory Canuck Reference: Mike Weir is third on the leaderboard. YAY!


Tiger is…just way behind.


Nats - June interleague

They took two in their series against the Yankees, and have taken two from the Jays to make it four wins in a row. Washington’s Willie Harris was your hero last night with a 12-inning two-run homer to win the game 5-3. Jays fans can take solace in the fact that Vernon Wells got a homer for the first time in …forever?


Speaking of the Yanks, Josh Johnson of the Florida Marlins kept the bats of the Bronx Bombers at bay with an impressive three-hit, seven inning performance in which he retired 11 straight. Marlins over Yankees 2-1. Recent Hump Day Hottie A.J. Burnett wasn’t too shabby, either – eight strikeouts over six innings – but we could have used a little run support. Johnny Damon? Thanks for making me sad.


Finally, this one’s for Raven. Her boy Brian Roberts hit a two-run homer in the ninth as the Baltimore Orioles edged the Phillies 6-5. The Phillies are not feeling the interleague love – they’ve lost 12 of 13 at home in interleague play.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Hit and Run: Blame it on the rain

  1. YAY Brian Roberts!! I most definitely jumped off my sofa last night as the ball landed in the crowd! I think I might have squealed a little, too.

    And technically the winner of the US Open was crowned on a Monday last year, when Rocco Mediate and Tiger Woods had an 18-hole playoff for the title. But that’s only because it was a playoff, not the final round. The crazyness of the golf schedule due to the rain is driving me bonkers. That and Tiger’s putting! Yikes!

    • Thanks for the clarification ;) Ah yes, I remember that now – I’m quite certain a colleague at my old office was watching the stream on TSN that day.

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