Hump Day Hottie: Adam Scott


Adam Scott has been featured many times on our little blog, but he’s never been given the distinction of being a Hump Day Hottie. WHAT?? I know. I couldn’t believe it, especially since I’ve been in love with him for YEARSSSSS. So with that, I bring you the 2013 Masters champion: Adam Scott.

Warning: These are all hot pictures from Adam’s big win.

Adam Scott CelebrateMasters Golf 5 Adam Scott Jacket Adam Scott press conferenceTwitter had a practical orgasm after Adam won, with many claiming that they needed to watch more golf. I’ve been watching golf my whole life, so it’s funny to me when others realize what I’ve known for years.

And just to be clear…there are two famous people named Adam Scott. So consider this a way to keep them straight.

adam scott green jacket

2 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Adam Scott

  1. Awesome. I’m a huge golf fan and I’ve been aware of Adam for years as well. It was fun to watch him win and to see the social media reaction

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