Masters – Hottie Skins Update

We started with eight hotties teeing off at the Masters on Tuesday, and after 2 rounds, only three of our hotties (Luke Donald, Adam Scott and Tiger Woods) remain following the cut. Fortunately for the rest of us, we’re scoring our hotties on a skins-style basis, so every hottie still has a chance to win our Masters. Chris DiMarco leads with 3 skins; Ernie Els, Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods each currently hold 1 skin, and the remaining skins are all ties. But that can all change, because Luke, Adam and Tiger still have 2 rounds to snatch some (or all) of those skins away.

Scruff brothers Adam (working it out, Bangles-style) and Sergio

Now let’s get to the shallow stuff: what our hotties have looked like at Augusta. That’s really what’s important. And our hotties have come through in a big way…

Why not start with Tiger? Does he ever make a fashion misstep? Tiger always looks great- he’s a very snappy dresser. And his choices at the Masters have been no exception. Exhibits A & B below- the pink and black combo is particularly sharp (and bold, most guys don’t have the cojones to wear pink).

Chris DiMarco is currently atop our Hottie Skins Leaderboard- but he could use a tad of help in the fashion department. Let’s take a gander at Chris in Augusta (next to Phil Mickelson- so Chris comes out looking like the winner, really, no matter what). The color choices are fine- that blue-green color is great- but his pants are at least 2 sizes too big (and pleated!), and he’s also rocking the button-all-the-way-up look. Chris, darling, you are too good looking to do this.

By contrast, Luke Donald gets high marks across the board with his choices this week. Classic black-and-red (harkening back to Tiger circa 1997), a nice spring blue and cream, and the adventurous plaid pants- which totally work for him. A+, Luke.

Richie Ramsay is the budding fashion plate of the group- he sported two of the biggest trends in Masters fashion: (1) orange, and (2) shirts with those weird underarm patches of contrasting color. I’m all in favor of orange- it’s not the easiest color to pull off, but when done right, looks fantastic (see Tiger above, and Sergio below). I’m not so sure about the Color My Underarm Area look, but I do admit that Richie’s done it pretty well. Bonus points for the classic canvas belt.

Our favorite Spaniard Sergio Garcia showed up in Augusta with the sexiest scruff that side of the Mississippi. He was understated in blue twice (and that dark navy color looks spectacular on him), and then a more adventurous orange and grey combo. Grey is one of my favorite colors on a man- second only to a gorgeous deep blue, and I have to say orange and grey combined is a modern, sexy choice.

Cutie pie Ernie Els goes for the classic golf look, white and khaki. You can never go wrong with a classic.

Julien Guerrier doesn’t let his French citizenship stand in the way of dressing great- eschewing wacky Euro tendencies (I’m looking at you, Ian Poulter) in favor of sharp sage-and-cream and black-and-khaki. He also reps for the tourney, wearing official Masters caps both times.

I’ve saved the best for last- Aussie Adam Scott. Lovely, lovely Adam. Not only is he smoking hot, he clearly is a great dresser as well. It took guts to don the black, white, red and khaki argyle shirt, and that paid off- he looks striking. And, taking a page out of Ernie Els’ classic book, the golf whites look great on him as well.

All in all, our Hottie Skins selections are kick-ass dressers, and looked like 10’s on the course (even if five of them failed to make the cut). And just because I can, a bonus shot of Adam’s devastating smile:

The scruff – it doth slay me.

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  1. I don’t understand the scorn for the popped collar–I leave mine up all the time. But keep in mind there is a frustrated WASP dying to emerge from this Italian-American girl.

  2. My beard’s a bit thicker than scruff, but I shall endorse the scruff. Especially if Ladies… & ladies… find it, uh, appetizing. (Just, no scratching, right?)

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