In Which I Point Out That Someone Has Done Something Awesome

If you haven’t already, go read this article from Beyond the Box Score.



Still unquantifiable: Erick Aybars socks.

Still unquantifiable: Erick Aybar's socks.

Yes, that’s a random photo. But it’s a neat image. So there.

Try to survive the night.

(Aaaaahhhhh someone is quantifying catcher defense!!!)

Oh, and, uh, guys? I promise I’ll say something interesting over the weekend. Just a thought to get you excited for my upcoming angry ramblings and rants: Who do you think is having the best season? Andy LaRoche, Jason Bay, or Manny Ramirez?

3 thoughts on “In Which I Point Out That Someone Has Done Something Awesome

  1. Crane, yet again you’re awesome. The stats still make my head swim but I know a bunch of people will appreciate the info.

    And despite his recent slump, I’d have to say Jason Bay.

  2. Don’t land on Joe Mauer! My poor team doesn’t need any more help in failing at life, and if the M&M boys were to get hurt, think it would be just too much.

    PS, I also vote for Jason Bay.

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