NFL Training (Camp) Wheels: A Photo Essay

Right, Reggie. Back to work.  We get it.

Right, Reggie. Back to work. We get it.

I love NFL training camp, not because football is upon us again (if it’s still hot, it’s still baseball season, in my mind) but because of the sheer entertainment value of the photos.   Reggie Wayne showing up to training camp in a dump truck, dressed as a construction worker?  Obvious publicity grab, sure, but funny in a look-at-the-rich-and-talented-athlete-being-a-cheesy-goofball sort of way.

Strangely enough, Reggie’s transportation related stunt reflected a similar theme in many of the less staged photos of training camps across the league : the many unusual ways in which the athletes travel to and around their team’s facilities.

James Harrison of the Steelers and Danny Clark of the Giants both arrived at camp in SmartCars, though why Clark also arrived dressed in head to toe fatigues is anyone’s guess.  Maybe he wanted to do a big theme arrival like Wayne but they wouldn’t let him rent a tank.

The Panthers’ Richard Marshall got around on a motorized scooter, which may be contributing to the fact that he barely looks young enough to drive a real car in this picture.

The Cardinals provided Segways for their team’s on-campus navigation, as demonstrated by Larry Fitzgerald.

The Packers made a team bonding exercise out of their transportation choice and sent their players out on kids’ bikes, like Jarius Wynn here:

Though one wonders why veteran Donald Driver got stuck with a bike that appears so, um, uncomfortable.

Of course, if we’re picking favorite modes of getting around training camp, I think Tom Brady’s niece may have the right idea.  Even if I am a Jets fan.

Happy Thursday!

5 thoughts on “NFL Training (Camp) Wheels: A Photo Essay

  1. Everybody on a Segway looks silly! Some of the campus police at my school ride them, and I canNOT take them seriously. Now I now, NFL players also look silly on them!

    • “Remember, if you’re a young Packers fan and you want a player to ride your bike, be courteous — it will help your chances!”

      I love it!

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