Hump Day Hotties: AFC & NFC North

Some of us Ladies have been looking forward to football season, so I thought what better way to get everyone hyped than to feature a hottie from every NFL team.  Each week for the next four weeks, we’ll be featuring lesser-known hotties from an AFC and NFC division.

Follow me after the jump to get a peek at the AFC and NFC North.


Pittsburgh Steelers

Daniel Sulpeveda, P

Yes, I know, he’s a punter, but he’s cute!  You can’t deny that! It was hard for me to find a Steeler attractive. Remember, I’m from Baltimore!


Baltimore  Ravens

Tom Zbikowski, FS

I’ve loved Zbikowski since I saw him at training camp last August.  Best known for being a boxer and a football player while at Notre Dame, he chose football, and my Ravens chose him! Yay!


Cincinnati Bengals

Jordan Palmer, QB

Better known as Carson’s younger brother and backup QB.  Jordan is definitely superior to Carson in the looks department.  While he does resemble Carson, I find that Jordan is a hotter version.


Cleveland Browns

Mike Adams, DB

While you might say that the obvious choice for the Browns should have been Brady Quinn or even Derek Anderson, I wanted to find someone else. I found Mike while scouring the Browns’ roster for hotties.



Green Bay Packers

Mason Crosby, K

I became a Packer fan because of Brett Favre back in the day when I was a young, impressionable girl.  I have stuck around post-Favre for one man: Mason Crosby.  Love this guy!

It was hard to find pictures of him…so take in his edition of the NFL Fantasy Files via YouTube.


Chicago Bears

Hunter Hillenmeyer, LB

A friend of mine from Chicago is absolutely, positively in love with Hunter.  Thank her for introducing me to him so that I can share him with you!


Minnesota Vikings

Chris Kluwe, P

Yes, yes, another punter.  Sorry!  As much as I wanted to include Adrian Peterson, I had to go with someone different.  Plus, Chris Kluwe is a Guitar Hero master. Who doesn’t love that?


Detroit Lions

Drew Stanton, QB

While Drew’s QB skills have been questioned by his own coaches, I can’t question his skills in the looks department.  Adorable!  The former Michigan State QB needs some love from somebody…why not us?

6 thoughts on “Hump Day Hotties: AFC & NFC North

  1. Thank you for more football! I remember that in a older post one of the “ladies” bumped into Tommy Z at Notre Dame. She described him as little but sexy. And yes Tommy may be a short boy but he is still one sexy Raven! Cheers for finnaly taking notice of Steeler’s Hottie Punter, Danny Sepulveda who is way….. hotter than Big Ben.One more thing “Ladies” its football season so more football and alot less baseball!

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