Advent Calendar of Hotness Day 7: Kayne Lawton


Leave it to me to disappear for a while again, only to resurface when it’s time to dedicate the entire holiday season to ogling men. For today’s delicious treat, a BIG thank you to CuteSports for bringing this one to my attention this summer. I’m pretty sure I single-handedly increased traffic on Google image searches for this gent’s name because of how many times I went on and on to every girl and gay man that hey, maybe Australian Rugby should be aired over here! I will warn you though – it is Friday, and some of these are not for the faint of heart. Oh how I’ve missed posting…


Ok. Start tame. Should probably show the man in action.


Not sure how I feel about him as a blonde, but whatever, he has weights. Now for the good stuff…

Well, except this one. No idea what’s going on here. Don’t care.



…And now we all really, really know what a silver rugby ball looks like. Oh, still want more? Looking at these and thinking to yourself, “Hey, self – I really wish I could hear that sexy Aussie accent and see a video of this photo shoot”? Well, you’re in luck. Get ready for some tooshie.

Yup. You’re welcome. Here are his gorgey hazel eyes to calm you down a bit.

06-Kayne Lawton Australian Rugby Player for Gods of Football

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