Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 6


Warning: hot goalie without a mask!

One thing most ladies have been missing this year is hot hockey players. Stupid NHL lockout. But we here at Ladies… would like to fix that with a little hockey hotties action. As a hockey-crazed lady, I’ve really missed my live hockey, but tonight I will finally see my first live hockey action of the season starring this man: Braden Holtby


During the lockout, Holts has been playing for the Hershey Bears, the Washington Capitals AHL affiliate. Funny Holtby story real quick: I went to Caps rookie camp prior to the season he really started seeing ice time. I was sitting on a bench outside the team store waiting for some friends, and he was in the store picking up a custom jersey order: his own. It was kinda adorable.


 There aren’t many photos of Holtby without his pads, but there’s not much to complain about. See!!



 Here’s one sans uniform (or just really close up)


Enjoy! And may Santa bring us hockey for Christmas! (It’s at the top of my list!)

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