Hump Day Hottie: US Open

With football about to get started this week and the Olympics winding down to a close (not to mention the continued play of baseball) you might not have realized that the last tennis major of the year has started. Yes, the US Open has begun (with a damn good first night match I might add) and with that the return of all the gorgeous men that play the sport. I’ve made known my love for Rafael Nadal and we’ve shared the hotness that is Novak Djokovic. I’m sure everyone here knows all about Andy Roddick and James Blake and Richard Gasquet (underrated hottie in my opinion). But how many of you know of Paul-Henri Mathieu?

That’s why this week’s HDH is going to profile the tennis players seeded lower than 10 at the US Open. There are some downright hot players out there that don’t have all the limelight on them. Shame really.

Feliciano Lopez

Marin Cilic

Marat Safin

I know this is an old picture of Marat. But its my favorite. Just do yourself a favor and do a Google Image search on him. Youll thank me later.

I know this is an old picture of Marat. But it's my favorite. Just do yourself a favor and do a Google Image search on him. You'll thank me later.

Jose Acasuso

Frank Dancevic

Fernando Verdasco

Tommy Robredo

He's naked for a good cause, the Everyman Male Cancer Campaign, which raises money for testicular and prostate cancer.

Tommy Haas

12 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: US Open

  1. Games, in the middle of a conversation with a co-worker, run into the bathroom with your hand over your mouth. When you come out, say “No, no, I’m ok, I think I just had some bad sush-” and then run into the bathroom again. They will send you home.

  2. Awww, Safin’s actually smiling! He’s such a moody cuss during matches — still sexy, mind you, just in a moody sort of way.

    Some of those other boys are delish, too. Maybe it’s time to start tuning in before the final Sunday …

  3. Mmmmm….Marat. (Honestly, I didn’t even know he still played. Need to watch more tennis.)

    Acasuso looks a bit too Dane Cook-ish for my tastes, but Tommy Haas has some serious young Anthony Bourdain thing going on. Yum!

  4. Although my undying loyalty lies with Andy Roddick these are all very hot players but Safin is hands down he sexiest tennis player… followed shortly by Fernando ‘Do me all night long’ Verdasco!!

    Verdasco and Lopez teaming up for doubles, now that’s a match for the ladies!!

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