Hump Day Hottie: Novak Djokovic

Tennis is about the only sporting comfort I have to get me through the long dark offseason. Ain’t many gents take a finer picture than Novak Djokovic. And he beat Fedy darling in the Australian Open, but went on to win the damn thing, so I suppose that’s all right.


A note for our tennis fans before we commence to ogling:  Interested in winning tickets to that Sampras-Federer matchup?
Kaleidoscope of djeliciousness after the djump:


And then there’s this, which we cannot possibly explain, nor do we particularly care to:

HT: Cheryl

Game, set, and match, sir.


31 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Novak Djokovic

  1. Seriously, the Serbians are hot. Tipsarevic has the indie-rock tattoos and glasses thing going, which I am a big fan of. And I’m straight and all, but Ana Ivanovic is my total girlcrush.

  2. I adore Djokovic. Simply adore. He’s my fave tennis player right now. And yes, I know that sounded all teeny bopperish and I don’t care.

    Amanda-I’m a fan Ivanovic. I was rooting for her against Sharapova at the Australian Open.

  3. As for the video, I have never figured out what that is. A few years ago, there was one with Clijsters and Henin.

    And Djokvic – very nice abs :)

    I am also an Ivanovic fan. I would love to see her pick up a few majors in the coming years.

  4. No, it’s me the biggest fan Novak has, ha ha…
    Really the guy is so lovable, charming, hot and sexy… faint.
    I totally adore him.
    And he plays brilliant tennis too. ;)

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