Day-Before Hump Day Hottie: Fernando Torres

Taking a break from the drama and ranting and back to what I’m good at: ogling man-flesh. Yeah I know, it’s not Wednesday, but sometimes you stumble across (or in my case increase my interweb stalking of) a beautiful piece of man that you just cannot wait to share with the world. Meet, become reacquainted with, enjoy, drool over: Fernando Torres.

The Madrid-born, 6 ft 1 inch, striker plays for Liverpool and nationally for Spain. In fact he scored his team’s winning goal against Germany in the UEFA Euro 2008 tournament, cementing his place in Euro history as well as my heart.

Oh, I seem to have fallen over. Exposing just enough flesh....

Spain has pushed several hotties to the forefront of football ogling this year (what with Ronaldo taking this summer to up his douche-quotient and work on his tan) but Nando takes the top spot for me.

Aww Im so sad. Theyre only paying me $200K a week to be injured!

Aww I'm so sad. They're only paying me $200K a week to be injured!

I LOVE the freckles!

He also has AWESOME hair. He’s known to rock the man-headband, but I don’t care.

Oh, haiii

Oh, haiii

44 thoughts on “Day-Before Hump Day Hottie: Fernando Torres

  1. Fernando Torres always reminds me of my first soccer-playing boyfriend, freckles and all. Like him, Fernando is very hot. I therefore muchly approve.

  2. As someone who has freckles (which may or may not have anything to do with it), I’ve never found them particularly attractive on the male specimen. But hot-damn do they look good on this boy! You have opened my eyes to a whole new world, and for that I must thank you!

  3. I think we need more Day-Before Hump Day hotties. Also even though I know that he is age appropriate he still looks far too young for me. It may be the freckles.

  4. I don’t normally find him attractive, but those first two pics…yum. If only he always looked like that–I might be able to forgive him that goal vs. Germany.

    I agree w/Janalee, he looks like a youngin’. He’s just so slender and has such a baby face.

  5. He has his days for me. His grooming habits creep me out, but sometimes I find him hot. And I did not like that goal against Germany.

  6. Thank you SO MUCH for posting the Nando hotness. I love it when he rocks the man-headband, in fact. All of these pictures are delicious.

  7. Oh my good , Torres is sooo hot , and that goal aginst Germany makes him even hotter , by the way he’s not that young and i just love the freckles , :)

  8. Hottie….=]

    Everytime I See Him He Looks Hotter.!

    Plus He Plays For Mi Fav Team >> Liverpool

    && He’s Got Freckles…I’ve Got Freckles
    Perfect ;)

  9. I would give anything to sleep next to this man :O
    Oh my god, with his lil dimples and freckles and the most lush tan aver :) he is my boy :P

    I think mr. Fernando jose torres sanz is stunning :) and happy birthday to him for yesterday

  10. thank you, thank you and thank you another million times for posting these piccies of this most perfect man …. yum yum yum …. but was recently devastated to find out he is getting married in summer and his very lucky girlfriend is having a baby!! boo hoo !!


  12. okay i have always loved him but those freckles make him even hotter !!!

    <3 love him

    thank you so much for opening my eyes even more for this man !!!

  13. TORRES – probably the most beautiful man in the world

    There’s actually a ‘Gay for Torres’ group of straight men who would drop their pants for him…..

    If only a photographer would capture his full charms before they fade….

    Cum on Torres – do a Playgirl shoot PLEASE! (and make sure you shoot on target)

  14. fernando torres, you beautiful man :) will you do me the honour of marrying me? PLEASE? i want to have you babies get serious like crazy. LOL. i will be the happiest person alive if you just said YES ! please consider my offer? call me.. 07904357612

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