Hump Day Hottie: Rafael Nadal

The French Open started this week which means we get to fawn tennis hotties again. And who better to make our HDH this week then the king of clay Rafa Nadal? We love him around Ladies… headquarters and we’re sad that he hasn’t been able to play an entire set yet (much less a match) because of the rain in Paris. French weather-get your act together! There is only so many days we can go without the smoking Spainaird.

So here’s the HDH to tide you over until we get some Rafa goodness.

forget his facial expressions…look at the arms!

Some bonus Roger Federer

But y’all know we have to finish with Rafa all by his lonesome.

5 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Rafael Nadal

  1. Oh SA, well done. Look at that last shot. MMM butt. Also, in the arms raised pic, notice how one arm is freakishly bigger? Its disconcerting (the big one is his racket arm) but I love him nonetheless!

  2. Hmmm…me gusta tambien, pero uhh…i cant remember any more spanish…he needs to cut his hair…not totally short, but shorter

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