Golden Grain Goodness: Hotties of the Milwaukee Brewers

In these steamy, sweltering days of summer, what’s better on a hot day than some baseball and a Brew(er)?

After the jump, a 19-pack of Brewer tallboys.







You’re new around here, Ryan Braun, but with forearms like those we’ll keep you.


Rickie Weeks and J.J. Hardy: All smiles.


There’s a “get on your knees for J.J. Hardy” joke to be made here, but I am too ladylike to do it.


The guy with the goatee is in heaven right now. (See what I did there?)


They look good in baseball pants, and they look good in street clothes. That’s what acting is all about: being verstatile.


Hot sausage of an entirely different sort.


Check that classic V-shaped torso. Hummina.


J.J. owns your pal and mine, Big League Sal Fasano. (And is that Grandpa Jamie at the bottom of the frame?)


That’s a mighty suggestively placed bit of lumber you’ve got there, Geoff Jenkins.


I cannot resist gigantic crazy-looking setup man Derrick Turnbow.


I told you he was crazy.


But check out the back yard!


Hi, Chris Capuano. Do you have an aunt named Peg? She’s my friend. Maybe she could set us up sometime.


Bill Hall and Corey Hart: Jump around! Jump around! Jump up jump up and get down!


Bill Hall rocks the eye black, goes yard for his moms. Aw.


Bill makes his case for a late entry to the Mickey Mantle Awards.


Too many…”power tool” jokes…piling up in brain…must resist…

18 thoughts on “Golden Grain Goodness: Hotties of the Milwaukee Brewers

  1. OK, JJ Hardy is HOT, there is no doubt– but I actually think Capuano is way more my type.

    And Bill Hall is totally the serious, all-business type… whose inner little boy comes out when he can’t help it. SO CUTE.

  2. Chris Capuano is one of those guys who is seventybajillion times hotter with his ball cap on.

    But you did leave out quite a few Brewer cuties. If I do say so myself, we do have a rather attractive pitching staff

    Also, pitched Dave Bush has some nice backyard real estate and now that he’s sporting the beard … well, yum

    Ben Sheets shows off the real estate and has a cute little Baton Rouge accent to boot

    Jeff Suppan, I’m told, really appeals to the moms out there. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but I dig the facial hair

    Outside the pitchers, I totally dig how animated Johnny Estrada is. Plus, he wears real stirrups

  3. Nicole- thank you for these. My thoughts?

    Dave Bush- for some reason, I love that beard. Nice.
    Sheets- is indeed very hot.
    Suppan- handsome, he was cute on the soap opera episode. I get the mom appeal thing.
    Estrada- he looks like a spark plus. Cutie.

    Capuano is still my favorite. But Sheets is a pretty close second.

  4. Sheets is hot. I love him.

    Suppan – I’ve always found him attractive, even as he shut my team down in the NLCS. I dig the facial hair. (And I’m a mom, for what it’s worth.)

  5. Wow. Between Capuano and Hardy I’d…wait, no I’ll just leave it at that – I want to be between Capuano and Hardy. (Can’t believe I just wrote that.)

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  7. Ryan Braun is the hottest, cutest, sexiest man alive (or dead)! His adorable half-shaved face… His amazing body…(no hes not a bodybuilder…but thats why hes so cool)… And OMG His eyes!!!! I melt when I look into them!!! I’ve spent over 30 minutes at a time just gazing into them. Not to mention his adorable antics like biting his nails, kissing his batting gloves, and folding his tongue! When he takes a deep breath and blows it out………… I LOVE YOUR GUTS RYAN!

  8. You are so right Ryan’s My Idol! He is the sexiest man alive or dead!I love his shave and his body and his eyes are the bes!I also love when he bites his nails and kisses his batting gloves and folds his tongue and how can you not love everything about him!!!! I also love his hair when it’s all mesy!!!!!!!! I LOVE RYAN!!!!!!!

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