Name That Booty: Super Bowl Preview Edition

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Not a booty, I know. This just makes me giggle (Photo: J.A. Roberts)

Your Super Bowl contenders are set: it’s the 49ers and Ravens – aka HARBAUGH BOWL, or HAR-BOWL, or BOWL OF BROTHERS (seriously, I just made that one up) – next Sunday in New Orleans. You’re likely aware of the main storylines behind the upcoming game, but here at Ladies… we cover the angle no news organization dares to examine.

We begin our Super Bowl coverage from the back end. You tell us whose booty this is, we clap and giggle and tell the world how smart and observant you are. The first one should be easy, but you may need to put your thinking cap on for the second. We’ll post the answers later today.

081012-Harbaugh-Header photo 081012-Harbaugh-Header.jpg

f3ad23f3-7d00-4532-804e-8e4837fa4c0 photo f3ad23f3-7d00-4532-804e-8e4837fa4c0.jpgUPDATE: So last Tuesday and the rest of the week got ahead of me and I neglected to post the answers: that’s Colin Kaepernick in the gold pants getting props from Jim Harbaugh’s chinos, while the blurry leaping shot is Ravens’ wide receiver Jacoby Jones (close, but no chocolate cigar, Raven!)

1 thought on “Name That Booty: Super Bowl Preview Edition

  1. Pretty sure that the Ravens booty is an offensive player. I’d say Flacco or Torrey Smith. Looks like the other dude is Ray Rice celebrating his TD last weekend.

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