My Team is Going to the Super Bowl: Holy Crap!


As most of you can tell by my screen name, I’m a huge Ravens fan. I remember the day that Baltimore finally got an NFL team, and I was a devoted fan ever since. In our short existence (est. 1996) we’ve already been blessed with a trip to the Super Bowl that ended in a huge win. But I was a freshman in college who watched the game with one other lonely Ravens fan in a student lounge. I didn’t get to celebrate. I didn’t get to go to a parade, but, hopefully, this time it will be different.

My favorite Ravens coach to date, the dreamy John Harbaugh, has taken us to the promised land yet again, but this time we face off with a familiar foe, the San Francisco 49ers. As I’m sure you already know, John’s brother Jim (a former Ravens QB) is the head honcho over in San Fran. The game should be intense, closer than it was in 2001, but I have absolute faith that my team will pull out a big win. Joe “unibrow” Flacco will cement his place in history, and Baltimore will be on top of the world again.

I’ve been obsessed with everything NFL since we won on Sunday night, so I decided to share with our Ladies… faithful my most favorite memes coming out of Championship Sunday. (I apologize in advance for everything being Ravens-centric and mostly anti-Patriots, but I’m super pumped about that win. Sorry!)

49ers Fan Couch BradyManningsSuperBowlSeat BawlSoHard BradyWaterSlide

RidleyDisco LOLofthering


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