A Bunch of Strong Men in Silly Hats

In the last few months of the NFL season, I have developed an obsession with the striped pom-pom hats which have popped up on the sidelines. There is just something incredibly amusing about a player trying to maintain his game intensity on the sidelines while wearing something that looks like a present from their grandmother. Since the Super Bowl is in both a warm climate and the dome, this Sunday will likely be the last hurrah for their fuzzy majesty.  Let’s bask in the goofiness with a slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I alluded to in the Vick picture, the Jets and the Eagles basically wound up with the same hat. Perhaps the inclusion of the black stripes (a color the Jets have never worn) is why I was unable to find any pictures of *anyone* on the Jets wearing one of these. But if you are looking for an addition to a Championship Sunday drinking/bingo game, save a couple squares for our pom-pom friends (bonus points if you catch someone wearing one in the Georgia Dome).

Happy Friday!

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