Hanukkah Hunks Night 6: Merrill Moses



Water polo? Merrill who? Don’t worry, you can always leave it to your girl buffalita to find hot, shirtless Jewish athletes no matter what sport they play. Mr. Moses is the goalkeeper for the US Olympic water polo team who won silver at the 2008 Beijing games. Call it cheating if you must, but it’s too easy to find an¬†unnecessary amount of half/mostly naked photos if an athlete plays a water sport. Just sayin’.

tumblr_mccj1faYJH1rtqi5no1_500 tumblr_m60cg36gfD1rtqi5no1_400 merrill-moses-440 400374_m21 97390410662354458_x45af0FV_b tumblr_m7wr5y1xDL1rty4hno2_500 5075d15332a60.image 398133_M13


(I included this last one just because it made me giggle. SO MAJESTIC.)

5 thoughts on “Hanukkah Hunks Night 6: Merrill Moses

  1. merrill moses looks great. nice trimmed hairy chest, great smile but his bulge seems rather small esp in the first pic, its non existent :(

  2. I personally like the first, second, and last ones best. The first one really shows off his nice pecs and rock-hard abs. He’s got a great smile in the second. And for the last one, it says bold and empowering.

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