Advent Calendar of Hotness Day 13: Skip Schumaker

schumaker1  I am using my self imposed one-ACoH-Cardinal-a-year limit to say goodbye to dear, cute Skip Shumaker, who yesterday was traded to the Dodgers.


Skip was always more of a role player on the Cardinals than a superstar (and in recent years, his presence in the starting lineup was more frustrating than not), but his attitude could never be faulted.  His game transition to 2nd base from the outfield is of course infamous (even if it was not always successful), and his commitment to High Sock Sundays this year was aesthetically pleasing.


Did you know some people think Skip looks like a certain other Ladies favorite? I don’t quite see it myself, but he has definitely been a longtime favorite with female Cardinals fans.schumaker5 And of course, his presence on two World Series championship teams will always give him a special place in my heart.shumaker2Goodbye, Skip!

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