Hanukkah Hunks Night 5: Sam Fuld



I’m pretty sure Tampa Rays outfielder Sam Fuld isn’t human. He has to be part flying squirrel for the way this man is able to field. I’m serious. Not only is he a bonkers ball player, but I find him, his scruff, and his baby blues to be quite irresistible. If you aren’t already a fan of The Legendary Sam Fuld, hopefully these next few shots will sway you…

samfuld 6c7bdce54c3fbbb50ce885e8141c sammy interview 110413033605_sam-fuld 2014789267 C4S_Fuld041911_171465c 691859 sam-fuld-2011-4-18-20-41-23 MLB: APR 16 Twins at Rays 0

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