Apologies to our own Lady Bee in advance, but we’re not just talkin’ country pride here. We’re talkin’ hometown pride. That’s right – the Buffalo Sabres’ own RYAN MILLER is a force to be reckoned with, and that means you, Canada! 45 shots on goal is impressive and all, but Ry’s stopping 42 of them and helping Team USA on to a 5-3 win over Canada this past Sunday is even more impressive in my book. More after the jump on the, well, crap that my hometown hero had to go through leading up to that kick ass night.

If you’re any kind of hockey fan, you know that Ryan Miller is a damn good goalie, especially after proving himself more than worthy as Team USA’s chosen man in the mask. Unfortunately, he had to put up with even more publicity in the beginning of this year’s Olympic games that had nothing to do with his abilities. Drugs, you ask? Is he just too good looking? Did he try to beat Tim Thomas in the leg with a pipe? No. His helmet was cause for controversy. Yes, helmet. Goalie mask. Cause to make the IOC grumble.

Here he is, man in action, back home in Buffalo. As you can see, Miller Time is painted in cursivey writing on the back. Is it red and white? No. Can one really, really construe it as advertising for MillerCoors brewing company? Maybe, if they’re nuts. Not sure if you noticed, but his name is Ryan Miller. He probably could care less about Miller High Life or advertising for it (and more than likely enjoys some Petron, fine wines, and some ice cold Labatts or Genesee or something). More importantly, below Miller Time is ‘Matt Man’. No advertising uses ‘Matt Man’ to my knowledge. ‘Matt Man’ is there in honor and remembrance of Ryan’s cousin who died of cancer-related surgical complications in 2007.  Pretty much every Buffalo fan knows all of this.

This is Ryan’s Team USA Olympic Games mask. Uncle Sam on one side, bald eagle on the other. Bad. Ass. But because he’s Ryan Miller, he had the designer put Miller Time and Matt Man on the back. The IOC was not having any of that.

Yes, this time the writing is in Red and it does look a lot more like the actual logo of Miller beers. But still, it’s just a damn phrase that the beer company happens to use – don’t lots of teams do this type of thing in coming up with catchy cheers for players? Ok IOC, you win. It’s close enough to an “advertisement”.  But putting up a stink about ‘Matt Man’? Please.

Whatever, man. It’s all in the past now. Team US is now patiently waiting as the playoff round continues, and Ryan Miller will continue to lead them to victory. Plus, you can’t not love him, even if you’re not a Sabres fan.  As a US citizen and hockey lover, it’s pretty much illegal not to. AND…he likes puppies!!!

PS – In honor of Miller Time Mania, I’d like to extend a Ladies… congratulations to the other Miller – BODE! Let’s admire him!

7 thoughts on “It’s MILLER TIME!!

  1. I have no issues with Ryan Miller, he clearly was the reason the USA won that game even though they were terribly outplayed by the Canadians for most of the game. But Bode Miller always struck me as kind of a douchebag, no?

  2. Apology accepted ;) Miller was the superior goaltender Sunday night. Brodeur? *sigh* I’m just glad to see Luongo between the pipes tonight against Germany.

    The IOC decision on the helmet was petty. It’s a tribute to the memory of a loved one, not a corrupt French judge or PED-tainted pee.

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