Gimme Back Dat Filet O’ Fish

The preceding title has nothing to do with this post… but if that damn jingle must be stuck in my head all day, it must now be stuck in yours as well!

Back to the lecture at hand… There’s been a lot of focus and fuss made of curling at these Winter Olympics.  All around the world there intramural leagues forming and regular Joes believing they have a shot of winning gold and hearing their nation’s anthem. Or maybe their just in it for the crazy pants, who knows!

I contend that if curling is a sport worthy of the pomp and circumstance of the time honored tradition of Olympic competition… then sign spinning should be next!

On February 6, Aarrow Adverstising LLC, hosted a national competition in South Beach, Florida for the dynamic and acrobatic tour de force that is sign spinning.  We’ve all seen these guys before on the street corners, pointing our way to a discount condo, $5 off a lube job, or just a chance to watch some killer air guitar on our daily commute.

Forget the glitz of fancy marketing, focus groups and over paid wanna-be Don Draper’s, this is old school product pushing that hits us right where we live… in our cars!

Ray Rivera, 20, of Tacoma Park took home the big prize this year after tossing his arrow into the air, flipping on his head and catching it between his feet. The sign landed perfectly positioned to face the judges, at which point the crowd went wild.

These guys are making loot, college scholarships and climbing the corporate ladder, while changing what got kids in band beat-up, into an art form!  Now that’s a sport to me!

I’ll plead my case to the Olympic committee in due time, but for now enjoy… hey, it can’t be worse than curling :)

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