Ladies… Linkups: Vick-Free Edition

No Foodie Friday this week. Sorry. But since you’re here why don’t you think about having chicken tonight? Check out this recipe from one of my fave writers (and the reason I got into blogging) Catherine Newman. [Dalai Mama Dishes]

Fenway Park – it’s not just for NHL hockey! College hockey teams – mens’ and womens’ – will hit the ice outdoors in January. [ESPN] 

Given Cutesports’ recent piece on plunking, I thought this was mighty interesting. Heh. [3:10 to Joba]

I refuse to apologize for my adoration of Derek Jeter, just as I refuse to apologize for enjoying the Doobie Brothers’ “Minute By Minute” album. The title track is classic, and Michael McDonald is certainly no Michael Bolton (and that’s a good thing!) Here’s yet another reason why the Captain makes me smile. [The LoHud Yankees Blog]

Jeter aug09 in Seattle

The future Mr. Bee (Reuters)


3 thoughts on “Ladies… Linkups: Vick-Free Edition

  1. I think I know what we’re doing for Sunday dinner now-that chicken sounds delish!

    I hope that they nationally televise the college hockey games. Outdoor hockey rocks!

  2. Cooperstown, first ballot, in there!

    Even though Jeter’s contract is up next year, and he’ll be 38 and considered “old” by pro-sports standards, I can’t imagine Jeter not getting a very generous extension by Cashman and the Steinbrenners. Jeter will play ’till he drops, ’cause he is that awesome.

    Plus, he’s having a very nice year. He and Damon.

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