And while we’re talking about Philly…



I’d like to thank the Philadelphia Eagles for taking that one last step necessary to make this town a baseball town. Because no, we’re not okay with this, and we don’t understand.

Seriously, Mike Vick? Mike VICK? Mike ‘I am the scum of the earth and should rot’ Vick? And we’re supposed to be pleased about this? I just watched the local broadcast team try to justify this by saying that he’s going to bring a lot of athleticism to the offense and they can run the wildcat formation now, and no. Just no. In fact, I hate Hugh Douglas a little right now for trying to make me okay with this.

And the thing is, it doesn’t even make sense from a FOOTBALL perspective. Donovan falls apart the moment he even SNIFFS competition. Not that Vick’s much competition, because he’s been away from the game for what seems like forever. WHY? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?

My husband’s been a die-hard Eagles fan his entire sporting life. The man bleeds green and white. For the last decade, my entire social life on Sundays has revolved around making sure he’s in front of a TV with beef jerky and a bottle of Yuengling by the time the Eagles kick off. We have no social life during football season, because ‘But the game’s on’ is a valid excuse to get out of just about everything. He just turned to me, ashen-faced, and said ‘I don’t think I can root for the Eagles any more.’

Yeah, it’s like that. Me? I’m just pissed that Mike Vick gets to play in the same town as Chase Utley, who actually SAVES puppies.

7 thoughts on “And while we’re talking about Philly…

  1. That pic just makes me want to puke. Yes, I realize that he has paid his debt to society and all that and I truly do hope that he has changed for the better. However, wouldn’t it have been nice if teams would have actually made him sweat his future just a little?

    And I agree about it being a bad football decision as well. What they need (and have needed for years) is a markee WR and a true running game. It has only been one year since the Dolphins unveiled their little Wildcat, and I am already sick of hearing about it. The only reason it was so successful last year was because noone saw it coming. I guarantee that it will go the same way as the “Run and Shoot” did back a decade or two ago.

  2. Sorry for the double post, but I just remembered another reason why this pisses me off. Back in my college days, a guy I went to HS was drafted by Philly and was ater cut due to some sort cruelty to animals charge (not sure if he was convicted or pleaded guilty). I guess it just goes to show that if you’re talented and high profile enough, character just doesn’t matter.

    /steps off soapbox for the night :)

  3. Maggie, my heart goes out to your husband and all of Philidelphia. I…just…WHY? Why would you allow someone who kills dogs on your team? Isn’t animal cruelty usually an indicator for sociopaths?


  4. The guy was gonna play somewhere. I just don’t get Philly. It’s not they were desperately needing a QB. I’m not a Eagles fan or Vick fan. Why not Minnesota? But McNabb will find a way to get injured.

  5. My sentiments are unpopular around here I think. He did the time. I’m okay with it. I wouldn’t worry about competition with Donovan, because even in his prime Vick was a shitty QB. The dude doesn’t understand how to play the position. They should just make him a RB or WR and put the QB thing to rest. I’d be stunned if he threw a pass all season.

    • Agreed. My dad and I have been saying that the team that signs him will convert him into a WR. The Eagles need one of those, so don’t be surprised if you see him catching passes from McNabb. I’m just glad the Ravens didn’t sign him. lol

  6. Long time reader but had to post on this one…LOVE the last sentence! Made me laugh. I know he has done his time but, as a dog lover, I would hate to see him come to my team…even if he would be a good fit!!!

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