Hump Day Hotties: Barry Zito and Tim Lincecum

Good morning. Please bear with me as I attempt to explain why I’m the worst Dodgers fan ever.

Prettiness abounds. Hit the jump for more awesomeness.

Far as I can tell, they’ve got three things in common (listed here in descending order of obviousness):

  • They’re both on the Giants. Move along, move along, nothing new to see in this bulletpoint.
  • They can both pitch really well. The difference is that recently, it’s been much more common for Lincecum to pitch well than for Zito to pitch well, but their ERAs are only 0.13 different as of this morning (3.75 for Lincecum, 3.62 for Zito).
  • They’re both hella gorgeous. And I can’t believe I just unironically said “hella”.

Hey, you know those chalkboards that you can get so you can write phrases on them oh-so-many dozen times until that phrase is drilled into your head for ever and ever? I’m going to get one and I’m going to write “Hump Day Hottie posts are about pictures, not words” on it until my brain explodes. (Not really.) So, here. I’ll shut up and give you pictures.

Wheee, airplanes!  What the...

"Wheee, airplanes!" "What the..."

(By the way, that weird-looking suit led to this, so we can’t really complain:)

Even if you dont think hes particularly hot, look at this photo. Just LOOK AT IT. Look at how adorable that puppy is!

Even if you don't think he's particularly hot, look at this photo. Just LOOK AT IT. Look at how adorable that puppy is! Too cute to ignore! YOU HAVE TO LIKE HIM, HE'S HOLDING A REALLY CUTE PUPPY! (Not to mention that that's a pretty cool bracelet.)

22 thoughts on “Hump Day Hotties: Barry Zito and Tim Lincecum

  1. Barry Zito also plays guitar, which makes him approxamately 32% hotter.
    Timmy Lince and the puppy! I want to hug him!

  2. I’m pretty sure Timmy L is hella into My Morning Jacket AND Spankrock, which is an improvement over Zito, who lurves John Mayer. Which, oddly enough, led to his recent decline (ANISTON’S FAULT).

  3. I think Lincecum is adorable, but my reaction to his pictures is always “he’s too young for me.” Which was even before I found out he has the exact same birthday (year included) as my baby brother.

    But Zito, hell yes.

  4. I love that commercial! He’s a bit lanky for my tastes, but the adorable french bulldog puppy totally does it for me. I just can’t resist a guy who loves dogs.

  5. These pictures actually kind of gave me a crush on Lincecum, I’ll admit. But I also have a creepy old lady crush on Zac Efron, so this fits right in….

    • Hi, I have an old lady crush on Zac Efron, as well! lol Although I saw him on Ellen a few weeks ago, and I think he’s like 22 or something, so I’m only like 4-5 years older than him! lmao

    • Zac Efron doesn’t look like David Wright!!!!! Sorry Crane, totally know where you’re coming from, especially after our crap show of a series (congrats). But ouchies. Zac Efron’s too pretty, and Wright, as much as I do love him, has creeper eyebrows

      On the other hand, thank you for turning my attention towards Zito…mmmm…

  6. Lincecum is definitely not someone I would call hot, but there is just something about him that is so adorable. And that commercial is just awesome!

  7. omg that pic of timmy wearing a scarf is sooooooo sexy!!!!! im always looking for sexy pics of him. now i can add that to my collection!!!

  8. I LOVE LINCECUM! Even his name turns me on! The way he moves on the mound is so sexy. Plus he looks just like my ex, and get this, they have the same birthday!!! Mybirthday was 3 days before his and thats the day he swept the A\’s!!! GO GEMINI\’S!!

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  10. I like most of these guys mentioned actually. Tim Lincecum is adorable. Reminds me of a bad news bear and he likes to burn one from time to time which makes him even hotter. Zito is gorgeous for sure! Curtis Granderson is a hottie too. Davis Wright is cute but the eye brows are out of control. Someone needs to tweeze those bad boys. Haha

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