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Each week this Hot Stove season, we’ll look at some done deals and juicy rumors involving our favorite MLB hotties, and the occasional not-really-a-hottie, but still worth talking about.

This was Winter Meetings week, and both New York teams made big moves. On Wednesday morning, the Yankees signed C.C. Sabathia to a seven-year deal that will bring him 37.5 million Baconators (or $161 million). Later, they signed free agent starter A.J. Burnett for five years/$82.5 million.

The Mets made a few moves to bolster their bullpen (Merry Christmas, Metsy!), including signing Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez for  $37 million over three years, with an option for a 4th year.

LOTS more moves (complete with diagrams!)…after the jump!

The next move the Mets made was a crazy 12-player, 3-team deal with the Mariners and Indians. Consult the diagram below (click image for larger version) for how it all went down.

Click on image for full-sized version!

Click on image for full-sized version!

That wasn’t the only roster-shuffling Cleveland did this week, by the way. They also threw away $20 million signed Kerry Wood to be their closer for the next 2 years, plus a club option for 2011. He’ll make $10 million/year. I give him three weeks until he’s out for the season and collecting paychecks from the bench while the rest of the Indians slide comfortably into last place.

Dont hurt yourself there, champ!

Don't hurt yourself there, champ!

So there I was, feeling all smug, because OMG the Indians were WAAAAAYYY overpaying Wood. Yep, that was pretty stupid of them, right? But then my Royals did something even stupider, by WAAAAAAYYYYY overpaying Kyle Farnsworth(less) – he’ll get 9.25 mil over the next two years. At least the Indians will get some good pitching out of their money – Wood is very good when he’s healthy, obviously. But Farnsworth(less) just straight-up sucks.

Dear Dayton Moore,
Just because a guy can throw really hard does not mean he can pitch well. I thought you understood this when you got rid of Ambiorix Burgos. Please tell me the Farnsworth(less) deal was an elaborate prank?

Also, I want you to look me in the eye and tell me you truly did not have the money to stay in the running for Rafael Furcal. Tell me that, Dayton, while we look over the huge contracts you’ve wasted on guys like Professor Farnsworth. I’ve suffered enough in my life as a Royals fan. Please make it stop.


I dont want him OR his Rec-Specs

I don't want him OR his Rec-Specs

Elsewhere, the Tigers traded hottie outfielder Matt Joyce to the Rays for starting pitcher Edwin Jackson.

What a dreamboat. I love that word...dreamboat. Mmmmm...

What a dreamboat. I love that word...dreamboat. Mmmmm...

Some ongoing sagas: Jake Peavy still hasn’t been moved, nor has Mark Teixeira. A potential deal with the Cubs for Peavy fell through when Chicago refused to part with reliever Sean Marshall, so perhaps Peavy will stay in San Diego after all. The Angels offered 8 years to Teixeira, and the Orioles, Nationals and apparently Red Sox have also made offers.

Lastly, another important event from the Meetings: Christina Kahrl and Will Carroll from Baseball Prospectus, along with Keith Law and Rob Neyer from, were added to the Baseball Writers Association of America. I think it’s fabulous that BP is finally being recognized like this; their work is some of the best out there. And here are reactions from Kahrl and Carroll.

10 thoughts on “Hot Stove Hotties

  1. The first thing I thought of when I was reading about the Farnsworth signing was “Aw, poor Minda.”

    Also, I love the trade diagram; for some reason I’m picturing Minaya drawing that on the computer in his office before he got approval from the Wilpons.

  2. I like your mental image of Minaya drawing up the trade that way, so I’m going to hold on to it! We don’t know that GMs DON’T doodle out diagrams in Paint as part of trade proposals…right?

    Perhaps signing Farnsworth for more than he’s worth is part of some master plan that I’m too dumb to understand. I hope it’s that, and not just idiocy.

  3. I’m just hoping Dayton is planning on using Farnsworth as trade bait next July but that’s a pretty big contract for such a useless pitcher.

  4. I hope it can work that way. But still, for him to work as trade bait, he’d either need to be a (MUCH) better pitcher, or be getting paid a lot less in order to be attractive to other teams…

  5. Hey now…I know Kerry Wood has a fairly storied history of injuries, but he was remarkably healthy and effective as a closer last year. In addition to the fact that Kerry is just a really good guy, keep in mind that the Tribe had JoBo Cop “closing” for them last year and…yeah…that’s just a real bad thing. Wood is definitely an upgrade for Cleveland and the Mets set the market for closers with the K-Rod deal and Wood got market value.

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