The Charlotte Bobcats Are Now Interesting

Does he look like a douche? Yes. Would I? Also yes.

Does he look like a douche? Yes. Would I? Also yes.

So, in a five player deal earlier this week, two of my personal favorite hotties, Boris Diaw and Raja Bell, got traded to the Bobcats for DILF Jason Richardson. (Don’t judge me. He’s J-Rich, for god’s sake.) Unfortunately for the hotness/goodness-ratio theory, this will probably make the Suns a better team; neither Boris nor Raja are fitting in under the new Suns regime, and besides which, Boris hasn’t particularly been any good since 2006 at the latest.But, who cares? They’re pretty.

One problem for Phoenix with this trade is something some people would dismiss. An intangible, if you will, something unquantifiable. But, it’s important to me. I’m referring, of course, to the baby tigers they named after Steve Nash and Raja Bell. Now what is Raja-the-tiger going to do now that Raja-the-shooting-guard is gone?

Oh wow, I am really, really high off the ground right now.

Kitty!Nash: ILU STEVE NASH. U IS MAI FAVRITE PG. WAY BETTR THAN JKIDD. Kitty!Raja: omg. Do you even know how high off the ground we are right now?

But enough about Raja Bell. He’s hot, and all, but he’s not even the hottest in this trade. No – that title belongs, of course, to Boris Diaw, the second-prettiest player in the NBA (Al Horford is the prettiest, and no, there will be no argument about this).

Boris is beautiful and French!

Boris is whimsical!

Boris is whimsical!

But enough pretty, pretty Suns – or, rather, former Suns. What about Jason Richardson? J Rich or Die Flyin’? The ultimate Warrior? Well, I find him attractive. But really, he’s best served by video.

Ultimately, this trade should be exciting for both teams. The Suns are on the recieving end of a moderate hotness trade deficit, and they’re losing Raja’s defense, but replacing his three point touch and adding athleticism. The ‘Cats, in turn, get Raja’s skills and Boris’ pretty, and a reason to watch.

6 thoughts on “The Charlotte Bobcats Are Now Interesting

  1. allthewine – I hadn’t thought of that! Too bad the Bobcats are never on national tv. And rightfully so.

    Christina: luckily, Miss Gossip appears to have given up on Boris. This way you don’t have to elbow her out of the way.

    Yosempai: I knooow! I love that picture, it’s one of my favorites. (Also: I love your name. I just figured it out.)

  2. The Ladies… RSS is at the top of my google homepage and at a glance I keep reading this is as: “The Bobcats Are Not Interesting.”

    I think that makes more sense.

  3. Hee, my family stumbled upon the Bobcats returning to their hotel from practice in Memphis once. My brother is a huge NBA fan, and actually knew all the guys on the team (and this was in the Sean May/Bernie Bickerstaff days). His ultimate response: “That was great! … Too bad it was just the Bobcats.”

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