Annual ACC-Big Ten Bloodbath

Why do we still play this?

Why do we still play this?

It’s the week after Thanksgiving.  Which  means it’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents, the radio stations have all started playing Christmas music and it’s time again for the annual castrating of the Big Ten men’s basketball teams by the juggarnaut that is the ACC.

Last night, #1 UNC beat #13 Michigan State by 35. THIRTY FIVE!  A game between two top-15 ranked teams should not be that much of a beatdown.  AND they were AT Michigan State.

Wake Forest took it to Indiana to the tune of 25.  Maryland also beat Michigan.

Interestingly, Northwestern got a win over Florida State and Penn State eeked out a win over Georgia Tech.

What games were played prior to last night?  Minnesota beat Virginia, Duke beat Purdue, Clemson beat Illinois, Ohio State beat Miami, Wisconsin beat VaTech and Iowa lost by 2 to Boston College.  If Iowa had won, the Big Ten wins the ACC-Big Ten challenge for the first time ever.

The combined margin of victory?  ACC:  85.  Big Ten:  33.

We’ve never won.  We’ve come close twice, going 6-5 both in 2005 and this year.

Sigh.  Oh, Big Ten basketball.  My roommates and I have a bet as to what will be larger by the season’s end:  the average total points scored in a Big 12 conference football game or the average total points in a Big 10 conference basketball game.  I think it’ll be pretty close.

Here is sophomore guard Jeff Peterson of Iowa.  He’s a cutie.

Look at those pearly whites!

Look at those pearly whites!

5 thoughts on “Annual ACC-Big Ten Bloodbath

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  2. Michigan *will* be good soon. (Still recovering from the “time out” debacle.)

    In other CBB news, my alma mater Western KY beat both Louisville and UGA in last few days! :)

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