Hump Day Hottie: Marat Safin

Usually I don’t really pay attention to tennis until the French Open, but ever since the Tennis Master’s Cup Final happened in November I’ve been longing for the sport. I have no idea why. I’m thinking it’s my Rafa obsession but who knows? Anyway, I’m counting down the days until the new year when the season gets started again. But just because we’re not in season doesn’t mean we can’t make one of tennis’ hottest ballers our HDH. So Marat Safin, welcome to the Ladies… HDH club.

Still my favorite Safin photo.

Still my favorite Safin photo.

11 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Marat Safin

  1. Marat Safin always reminds me of my roommate from freshman year. She was hardcore into tennis (she was even on the Rutgers team!) and she loved him.

  2. He’s hot, but he inevitably has some meltdown in every tournament and doesn’t win. If you like your sexy mixed with a LOT of crazy, Marat is your man!

  3. Love me some Marat, esp. when he lets the hair grow out a bit. I’m a real sucker for tousled curly hair!

    That’s my fave pic too!

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  5. Don’t worry, Alana, you’re not alone. I think Marat is hotter than Rafa too…

    /hides back behind chair to avoid things thrown

  6. I meant to comment on this yesterday, but all I could think to say at the time was “guhhhh.”

    Good post. I approve, and will do the “Right-click—->save image as” Dance on most/all of these photos.

  7. Marat is just simply devine.. He’s tall, dark, amazingly handsom, strong and very manly, but at the same time boyish and adorible too. And his personality is to die for, Brains and beauty. And not to that sexy russian accent of his *dies* The man is a sexgod!.. I could say alot more but the list would go on forever. Wow! whatta man x)

  8. …Keep me sunken in your views,
    illumined by your light.
    For in your frame are all the hues,
    and what is out is black and white.


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