Reasons to Live on the Couch This Weekend (Like You Need One)

I am a terrible procrastinator, especially when the holidays come around.  I have unopened boxes of Christmas cards that have been sitting around my apartment for two years because I put off doing them until it’s late enough in December that I “save” them for “next year.”

So of course, since we’re only going into the second official holiday shopping weekend, I am not planning on doing any shopping (or card addressing).  I am planning on watching college football.  Lots and lots of college football.

Beginning with tonight’s MAC Championship, there are five conference championship games on television over a 24 hour period, all of which offer at least one storyline compelling enough to justify staying on the couch instead of venturing out in search of the obscure blues CD your Dad wants, or the “unstructured” jean jacket your mom has pointedly described to you. (Or, you know, whatever your family members are asking for.)

MAC: Ball State vs. Buffalo Friday, 7 pm (All times EST)

Reason to Procrastinate (RTP): Ball State is still undefeated, so an upset here would ruin their perfect season.  Also Buffalo used to really, really suck — the Bulls own both the longest and second longest losing streaks in Div. I/FCS history — so there’s a nice redemption angle, if you chose to root for the underdog.

Conference USA: Tulsa vs. E. Carolina Saturday, 12 noon

RTP: As a Tulsa native, I have a personal interest in this game.  (Fun fact: Tulsa securing home field for this game forced Oklahoma’s 6-A High School State Championship game, which features two teams from the Tulsa area, to be relocated  to Oklahoma State’s stadium, halfway across the state.  OK, maybe that was just an excuse to tell you my alma mater is playing in that game. Go Union!)  If you aren’t from Tulsa (or Greenville, NC) then maybe you just need to watch this game to warm up for the bigger games later in the day.

ACC: Boston College vs. Virginia Tech, Sat. 1 pm

RTP: Somebody’s going to get an Orange Bowl (probably) berth.  Also, I’m going to conduct an experiment to see if watching all that  Maroon/Gold and Maroon/Orange in HD will make my eyes bleed.

SEC: Florida vs. Alabama, Sat. 4 pm

RTP: One of two games that, barring a real college football playoff, makes an adequate substitute for a first round game.  I’m kind of rooting for Florida to wipe the smirk off of Saban’s face. That’s not true:  I’m rooting very hard for that to happen.

Big XII: Missouri vs. Oklahoma, Sat. 8 pm

RTP: OK, maybe it’s more like one and a half playoff substitute games; if OU wins they’re probably going to the BCS title, but if Missouri wins neither team will “advance.”  As a rematch of last year’s title game, there’s always the revenge factor to be considered.  I’m not at all sure that that picture to the right will be repeated Saturday. Also, if OU loses, I’m never blogging about their games in advance again.

So what to do now, while you wait for those games to start?  Well, you could work.  Or do your shopping in advance.  Me, I’m in the mood for a little Two Minute Football. Happy Procrastinating!

3 thoughts on “Reasons to Live on the Couch This Weekend (Like You Need One)

  1. We’re having some friends over for the SEC championship game. I don’t have a dog in that hunt, but I hate Florida more than I am skeeved out by Nick Saban, so I imagine I’ll be sneaking into my bedroom with my bowl of Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup to watch the Duke game.

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