Why must life get in the way of sports?

I’ve been freakishly busy lately, what with school starting again and me desperately trying to secure myself some post-graduation employment. And, to that end, I am flying out to Seattle in less than 24 hours AFTER I have an interview at 8:40 in the morning. Ugh. Unfortunatley this means that sports have been on the back burner. However:

1) Carolina released it’s full basketball schedule. SA, please take note of Feb. 11 and March 8th. Feel free to stock up on liquor and tissues, I’m pretty sure you’re going to need them… :) Oh, and ALL of the games will be televised so there is no escaping the Tar Heel dominance this season! Woot.


I have to wait till OCTOBER to start my next POY run??

I have to wait till OCTOBER to start my next POY run??

2) College football just got A LOT more interesting. Meet Kevin Craft: JC transfer, and now starting QB for the UCLA Bruins. Also, probably one of the only reasons I’m going to watch college football this season. I don’t normally support UCLA in anything (bah, Kevin Love), but I may make an exception for this MUCH more attractive Kevin.

3) Jimmie Johnson won at Fontana on Sunday in the Pepsi 500. This was his 3rd win at the racetrack. NASCAR is one of the few sports I can watch, even when I’m busy. Why? Well, it takes like 5 hours, so umm, it’s easy to ignore it at times. I can read law texts with NASCAR on in the background. I can answer evidence questions with the sound on mute. And then, should the race get interesting, I can turn the sound back on and quit the homework! It’s basically perfect. I can’t do things like that when I’m watching basketball. That requires all of my attention and energy. NASCAR does not. I really hope Jimmie doesn’t win his third championship in a row. I would probably start to hate him with Ferderer-like intensity.

And now, back to laundry and packing. BOOOO.

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