Miscellaneous Monday Mirth

Remember last year when I made fun of the guy who took Matt Leinart in the 4th round of his Fantasy Football draft?  And then I mentioned him again here as what NOT to do?

This year, he waited until the LAST round to pick Leinart, though he DID wear his official Leinart jersey TO the draft.  Way to go, Ryan!  You can be taught!

I love this picture.  So much.

I love this picture. So much.

7 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday Mirth

  1. He was aware that Leinart isn’t a starting QB right now, right? It was just for fun?

    I live in fear of drafting someone who isn’t really going to play — I think I had a nightmare over the weekend about getting my Bengals mixed up and drafting Rudi Johnson by mistake.

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