Hits For Cycle X2


For the first time since 1920, two major league baseball players hit for the cycle yesterday: Stephen Drew of the Arizona Diamondbacks and Adrian Beltre of the Seattle Mariners. Arizona beat St. Louis 8-6 and Seattle won 12-6 over Texas. Thanks to Miss Minda for the heads up on this one! Check out their pictures, after the break…

Here’s Beltre…

(Check out the full story on Beltre, as reported by the Seattle Post Intelligencer, here.)

…and Drew

(The Arizona Daily Star recaps the news on Drew here.)

Congratulations to both guys!

4 thoughts on “Hits For Cycle X2

  1. Congrats indeed! I always thought hitting for the cycle, along with the unassisted triple play, was one of the coolest things in baseball. How awesome for two in one night.

  2. Wow, two in one day. That’s absolutely amazing! It’s such a hard thing to do and to think two people did it in one day just blows me away.

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  4. Someone hitting for the cycle is one of the things I desperately want to see in person. I have a mental list of ballplayers who are likely to do it, and those who can not triple so I shouldn’t get my hopes up about them even if they get the three other hits.

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