Monday Morning Baseball Miscellany

Here are some random Monday musings.

>>The Cards dropped 2 of 3 to the Cubs this weekend, but I just can’t be that disappointed about it. We played ’em tough two games.  We only got blown out in the third game.  I won’t be mad at all if we stay 1-2 in the NL Central all year because then the NLCS Thunderdome between the Cards/Cubs will be that much sweeter.  What concerns me much more than the Cubs right now are the Brewers.  They’ve caught the Cards in the standings and are probably going to snag CC Sabathia from Cleveland, plus they start a 4-game series at home against the lowly Rockies today.  I don’t want this to turn into a 3-team race!  I was happy with a 2-team race!  [foot stomp]

Isn’t this a cool picture?

>>Part of the reason I may not have been as concerned as I could have been about this weekend’s series is because I met a Cubs fan (we’ll call him “Sugarpants”) and our… first date, I guess (that makes it sound like we went for malts at the A&W stand or something) was watching the Cubs/Cards game together yesterday.  I definitely think it may be more fun to date a fan of your rival than of your own team.  It makes for a more playful dynamic.  I didn’t even mind that Sugarpants wore an Aramis Ramirez shirt to the bar.  He looked cute in blue.

>>A-Rod’s wife filed for divorce.  I guess now he can be open about his relationship with Madonna?  Does that skeeve the hell out of anybody else?  Just me?

>>The Phillies signed Brad Lidge to a three-year, $37.5 million extension.  You know, I’m happy for him.  It’s nice to see him come back from being a broken shell of a man.  For awhile it looked like one swing of Mighty Albert’s bat had caused the Complete Implosion of Brad Lidge, but he’s out of Houston.  He’s got the Phillies now and with them a fanbase known for their sweet temperament and supportive atmosphere.  I’m sure this won’t come back to bite anybody in the ass.  Nope.

8 thoughts on “Monday Morning Baseball Miscellany

  1. Does that skeeve the hell out of anybody else?

    I’m skeeved too, LA. A-Rod’s a good looking man (although I feel dirty saying that), and Madonna is such an old skank. Gross!

  2. I hate to break it to you, dearie, but it’s been a 3 team race the whole time. We’re tied for second in the division, we actually lead you by like .0001010101% in the wild card and we just signed C.C. You could say “bring it on” but it’s already been broughten! Go Brewers!

  3. Would you guys tell those pesky Brewers and Cardinals to go away please?!?!? My Cubs are trying to end 100 years of futility here and we can’t have yall stepping on our toes!!!

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