How’d he die? Spain. The bulls.


Win Euro. Check. Win Wimbledon. Check. Get trampled by a bull. Check.

The Spaniards are a weird bunch, aren’t they?

Today was the first day of the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

Do excuse me if the following question sounds slightly insensitive to the Spaniard culture or tradition, but why the hell would you willingly put yourself in the way of an angry running bull?

The very thought sounds, not only unnatural and extremely foolish, but also a very undignified way to die. Imagine what your funeral would be like? ‘How’d he die?’ ‘Spain.’ ‘Spain?’ ‘Yeah, the bulls.’ ‘You’re kidding.’ ‘No, dude… I’m serious.’

Laughing isn’t conducive to the funeral, er, atmosphere, obviously but would you fault people for letting out a little snicker or two in this case? If only because they thought you weren’t being completely serious?

Wikipedia doesn’t do much trying to answer the ‘but why?’ question for us. According to the them, the running of the bulls started out as a way to get the bulls from the off-site corrals where they were kept overnight to the bullring where they were going to be killed the next day. They’d block off the side side streets so the bulls could run a straight path to the bullring and the bulls would just barrel through.

Of course, morons being morons, some people thought it a clever idea to nip down into the path of the beasts to show how brave they were. Over time, a few morons became hundreds and centuries later, the National Post‘s running a slightly curious headline that reads: ‘Bulls 13, People 0 at Spanish bull run‘.

Although an Irish tourist died after a falling off a wall last night, I should note that no died during the actual running today. Nine morons (thirteen depending which article you read, it’s very confusing) were injured however — four of them foreigners: a Californian, South African, Briton and a New Zealander.

If you feel the need to watch a video of the frivolity, they’ve got a clip over at The Guardian.

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