ROGER LOST!! And, more importantly, RAFA WON WIMBLEDON!


rafa wimbledon

Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer to win the Men’s Wimbledon Championship! He won in five sets (6-4, 6-4, 6-7, 6-7, 9-7), in what was probably the best Wimbledon final I’ve ever watched. I was convinced the 5th set would go on forever. Once it hit 7 all, I just couldn’t picture either of these men getting broken. And then he did it. Rafa broke Roger to make it 8-7. I nearly lost my mind. My obnoxious roommate was in the other room, cheering for Federer. She’s lucky I didn’t come out there and beat her to death with my remote control. (Seriously, I contemplated it. I don’t think she realized she was seconds away from death at the hands of an enraged fangirl.) Rafa was serving for the match, he was going to win. Then, improbably, Roger came back and brought it to deuce. And I thought all was lost. Roger would break back. The match would go on. My brain would explode from the anxiety. But Rafa showed us all why he is the new number one player in the world. He held on, advantage Nadal. Cut to me screaming my lungs out at the tv. Then he did it. He finished off the titan Roger Federer, on what is (I mean WAS) basically his home court. Preventing the legend from winning SIX freaking Wimbledons in a row. Six. I guess he’ll just have to console himself with his other five trophies. I actually stopped hating him for a moment as I looked at his devastated face. He was also humble and gracious while losing. It’s funny how when they get knocked off their thrones, the evil monarchs don’t look quite so scary.

So congratulations Rafa. You are amazing. You are hot. You are the Wimbledon Champion in 2008. Your ass looked fabulous in those white pants. You deserve every accolade. I am now thismuchcloser to starting my own Rafa fangirl site. I really don’t know how I can avoid it at this point :)

8 thoughts on “ROGER LOST!! And, more importantly, RAFA WON WIMBLEDON!

  1. I thought for sure after that first rain delay Federer was just gonna come out and smash him. That fall Nadal took in the second (?) set was a little worrisome too. I guess I can stop hating wimbledon now. YAY! Also I agree his ass did look amazing in those pants.

  2. Unpopular opinion in these parts, but I was rooting for Roger – I’m not a big Rafa fan (of his butt, yes; the rest, not so much).

    Regardless, freaking awesome match — between this, Giants/Pats and Kansas/Memphis (and EuroCup, I guess), it’ll be tough as hell picking the top event/match/game of the year, and we haven’t even hit the Olympics yet.

  3. Columbia, don’t worry about it. I tend to root for Roger against everyone besides Rafa. I’m a happy girl if the final of an event is Roger v. Rafa (you can throw Djokovic in there too at times. I like him as well).

    And add Rocco v. Tiger in the “kickass sporting events so far this year” category as well. Good freaking sports year and we’re only 1/2 way through.

  4. I was sooo happy Rafa won… and I was secretly happier the game lasted forever so I could see that handsome, wonderful, hot guy for a long time!!!

  5. Ridiculous match. Now I remember why it’s hard for me to watch Rogi v. Rafa – I practically had at least one heart attack per set.

    And speaking of needing oxygen, IMHO those two champions are THE best looking men in sports. Punto.


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